By: John Woods

Dear ROC'ers,

I'm sure many of you have been wondering where we've been. Some of you know that we suffered a major setback last November when a much needed benefit show went bust. This resulted in THE ROC not being able to come out for 6 months. Thanks to the help of a lot of friends throughout the network, we have been able to bounce back with this jam-packed 20 page issue. This is our declaration that we have not gone under, THE ROC has not folded, in fact, we are back with a vengeance!

As we move into 1992 we can see the anti-censorship Army growing. The troops are being rallied and the banners are being unfurled. In our CONTACT ROC section you will notice that we have several new reps and chapters. Our goal for 1992 is to increase this even more. We want to have active R.O.C. members in all 50 states, Canada and most major cities by the end of the year. We want reps, chapters and ROC distributors. So come on, let's build this network! If you want to fight in this war, you write and let me know. Our enemies should not be able to make a move that we are unaware of or unable to immediately respond to. Be a part of our CONTACT ROC roster by signing up to be a ROC rep for your area. WE HAVE AN ARMY TO BUILD AND A WAR TO FIGHT. DO IT NOW!

There are a lot of people who we owe thanks to for making this issue possible. I'm not going to name specific names, you all know who you are. This issue is the result of your caring and believing in this paper. But there are a few folks out there who I do want to thank by name for what I can only term as "service above & beyond the call." They are: Lee Ballinger (Rock & Roll Confidential), Steve Messick (Free Music Coalition), Kenny Moore (ROC's Florida rep), Mike Caddell (Alternative Index), Ben Markeson (The Spectator), Ray Miller (Metal Curse), Tom Ness (JamRag), Kelly Schaefer of ATHEIST and Trevor Peres of OBITUARY. Thanx one & all!

We also want to thank DEF AMERICAN RECORDINGS, ROADRUNNER RECORDS, WIZARD'S RECORDS (Morgantown), and BACK STREET RECORDS (Morgantown) for all the items they donated for the November 3rd show. A special thanks goes out to the nine bands who gave their time to perform. Even though the attendance sucked, you all were awesome.

And finally, how about that shirt I'm sportin? It kinda sums it all up. If you would like to let the PMRC know how you feel you can get one of these for only $10 from our friends at MICHAEL HUNT PRODUCTS, P.O. Box 226, Bensenville, IL 60106. They come in (M), (L) & (XL). Be sure to tell Shane that you heard about it in THE ROC.

Well kiddies, that's all for now. Enjoy this issue and send us your comments. We'll be back in June with another one. And remember, we have three main things we must do in '92, and they are ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! and ORGANIZE! Until next time, keep fighting the bastards, Fuck the PMRC and play it loud until your ears bleed!

John Woods

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