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Public Enemy, Anthrax, Ice-T, Ice Cube and Fishbone are set for a tour "attack" of the U.S. this fall. Anthrax's Scott Ian has been a huge fan of both P.E. and Fishbone for ages and helped organize this great event and also suggested his band to team-up with P.E. to record and video shoot a version of P.E.'s "Bring The Noise." Hopefully this tour can break down more of the racial barriers between rap & metal fans!


Speaking of Ice-T, the hard-core rapper will debut a full LP worth of material from his new hard-core thrash band, BODY COUNT. The new LP, to be titled "CLOSED CASKET," will be released in early '92. Producing the new LP will be Gary Holt from EXODUS as well as a few "helping hands," such as Kirk Hammett from METALLICA, Dave Mustaine from MEGADETH and Duff from G 'N R.

A new movie will be released titled, "RICOCHET." And the "cool motherfucker" will be playing a drug lord this time. Stay tuned for the new album and the new movie.


New LP's from ROADRACER Records included KINETIC DISSENT, an Atlanta based quintet with their debut album I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER and from the Tampa Bay area, the debut from POWERSURGE. Check 'em. And finally reissued domestically on the ROADRACER REVISITED label are the legendary pioneering, power-crunch gods, BUDGIE. The first 2 chapters to be released from the immaculate BUDGIE catalog are: BUDGIE ('71), and SQUAWK ('72). Buy these now or large BUDGIE's will circle your house waiting to go "in for the kill," by the command of Alfred Hitchcock's ghost.


"New Titans" of thrash SEPULTURA will release a live home video due this fall. The 70 minute footage was shot during the group's stop in Barcelona, Spain and will be titled UNDER SIEGE. Songs included in the video are: "ARISE," "ESCAPE TO THE VOID," "TROOPS OF DOOM" and "BENEATH THE REMAINS."


It is confirmed that Ronnie James Dio has indeed rejoined the original doom & gloom band, BLACK SABBATH. The classic line up of founding members: Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler with the legendary Cozy Powell on drums and Dio are now set to record. It's reported that Rick Rubin will produce the new SLAB OF DOOM with a release date of early winter. Oh how glorious!


PRONG are set to release their second Epic Records album in September. Former FLOTSAM & JETSAM bassist, Troy Gregory replaces bassist Mike Kirkland who departed from the group to form his own funk group.


Late '70's English punks, THE BUZZCOCKS are on their 2nd U.S. tour since reforming 3 years ago. Original drummer John Maher is no longer with the band. Though not a permanent member yet, former SMITHS drummer Mike Joyce replaces Maher. Since their highly successful reunion tour of the U.S. in favor of their hits package, product, a few years back, things now look favorable for the "COCKS" first new studio release in over a decade.


Former TRAPEZE and DEEP PURPLE bassist and soul barker Glen Hughes, is finally back! Hughes recently inked a deal with WEA Records and will be releasing his first solo album in almost 10 years, in early '92. Recording is taking place in New York and will be engineered by Nelson Ayres. Original TRAPEZE men, Mel Galley and drummer Dave Holland, who departed from JUDAS PRIEST 2 years ago after 10 years with that band, are reportedly blending their talents with the great one for the project. Meanwhile, Hughes will be guesting on guitarist Mick Mars of MOTLEY CRUE, for his upcoming solo project.


Speed meisters SLAYER are set to release a live home video and a live LP, due for an early autumn release. The concert was taped at Wembley Arena in England during the group's tour of Europe. The LP will reportedly feature more songs than the video, possibly from other shows in Europe...BEWARE!

With DEF AMERICAN RECORDINGS thrash/punk band SLAYER co-headlining the CLASH OF THE TITANS summer tour, fans have more than just T-shirts and posters to collect. A SLAYER "BLOOD PACK" CD, featuring two versions of the band's metal smash "SEASONS IN THE ABYSS," packaged in a plastic sack filled with skulls, was made available to the band's rabid fans on July 3rd. The blood pack is not only one of the most unique promotional items, but the first SLAYER "collectable" ever produced. Only 20,000 copies of the CD will be made and shipped to retail outlets. The BLOOD PACK will contain the album version of "SEASONS IN THE ABYSS," an alternative mix of the track that was done as a studio experiment, and a bonus track "Aggressive Perfector." The CD will retail for $16.98. They'll be gone real fast. Thanx to DEF AMERICAN for the advance copy sent to R.O.C.


THE CURE are back with a new home video which chronicles all the video song releases the band have made, some unreleased. This will have to hold CURE fans over for awhile since Robert Smith & Co. hate touring and recording and are on "definite extended vacation"...Oh well...the title is THE CURE PICTURE SHOW.


Sleaze-punk-madman, GG ALLIN is slated to record a new LP with his new band, THE MURDER JUNKIES. GG, who was released from prison in March, is on parole at Ann Arbor, Michigan Placement Center...Seen Iggy lately?


Industrial rulers, MINISTRY are currently recording their new product of goods. Alien Jourgensen & Co. will once again record and mix at Chicago Trax (its a way of life). The new creation will be titled "THE TAPES OF WRATH" with a release due sometime in the fall.

The MINISTRY will tour the U.S. in October.


Industrialists, TREPONEM PAL, with their latest release, "AGGRAVATION," have parted company with bassist Stephanie Cressend. Replacing him will be Amadou, a man who befriended the band a few years back. How lucky!


Another industrial band, SKIN CHAMBER, will release their debut LP sometime during the fall. The band is comprised of Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarity, two members of a popular Wax Trax group known as CONTROLLED BLEEDING. The band mixes experimental grunge with elements of death metal to form a very potent corrosive sound. The LP is entitled WOUNDED. Producing will be Bryan Martin.


The new METALLICA LP will finally be released on Aug. 12, simply titled "METALLICA" and will feature 12 songs. However, if you lived in N.Y.C. a special "listening party" was held at Madison Square Garden on August 3rd, for those who just couldn't wait. Along with the band's new LP to be played through a massive PA, the new video was also shown, for the song "ENTER SANDMAN." The band members also made an appearance. The new video was premiered on MTV earlier on July 30th. Crunch, crunch, crunch, up your ass!

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