LAYING DOWN THE LAW...The Rock & Roll Bar Association has been formed because many attorneys don't know much about the legal devices and court decisions favorable to rock and rap artists on important issues such as illegal pat searches at concerts, attempts by government officials to ban heavy metal or rap shows from publicly owned arenas, or lawsuits against artists such as Ozzy Osbourne for the content of their material. This ignorance keeps musicians and fans from using the courts to fight back.

Membership in the RRBA is open to lawyers & non-lawyers alike...its bar exam consists of a walk through a bar where a band is playing real loud. If you smile, you pass.

An RRBA newsletter is also in the works. For more information, contact the ROCK & ROLL BAR ASSN. c/o Benjamin J. Eicher, Wallahan & Eicher, Box 328, Rapid City, SD 57709, (605) 348-0456.

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