In response to thousands of letters from angry rock fans, Marriott Hotels has pledged not to give more money to the PMRC. As a result, the boycott of Marriott that was called April 15 by a national coalition of anti-censorship groups has ended.

In other related news, in a segment of MTV NEWS it was announced that The New Music Seminar, the annual music industry showcase held in New York City will no longer be headquartered at Marriott Hotels. NMS organizers cited Marriott's donations to the PMRC as reasons for the decision to move the NMS.

The 7-UP Company, which has also made contributions to the PMRC and whose logo appeared on the invitation to a PMRC fundraiser, refuses to disassociate itself from the PMRC. On August 5, music fans from all across the country sent a message to convince 7-UP to drop the PMRC when they conducted a National Phone-In to 7-UP president John Albers at the company headquarters in Dallas. If you weren't able to call and share your opinion with Mr. Albers then, you still can by calling (214) 360-7000.

The boycott will continue until 7-UP publicly pledges not to support the PMRC in the future. America's music fans are feeling their collective strength and will no longer allow the money they spend as consumers to be laundered in order that it may be given to censors.

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