All the good people at R.O.C.,

I'm writing to tell you about a movie we've been making down here in Dayton. You may not remember me, but I've been a subscriber since R.O.C. started, and I think it is great what you all are doing up in Jewett. I hope you keep it up and keep expanding.

Down here in Dayton, we've been trying to keep busy on a censorship-related project as well. It is in the form of a movie, and it's called EMMA & ELVIS. When I say movie, I mean it's a low budget 35mm feature film, intended for movie theatres nationwide. The director is Julia Reichert, a long time documentary film maker from Ohio, with two Oscar nominations to her name. Now, EMMA & ELVIS is not a rock n' roll film, ala Pump Up The Volume. But it does take on censorship and those who would dictate what goes out into the public.

The main character of EMMA & ELVIS is Alice, someone who came up in the 60's full of mission and fire. But someone who, through the years of Reagan & Bush, has lost her way.

Much of the movie takes place in a Public Access station, where two people who make increasingly radical TV shows are taken off the air. One is a gay man with AIDS, who is venting his rage on the air at a system that doesn't care. The other is a young man who despises the hypocrisy and boredom he sees all around him, and who makes nasty, cutting videos in response.

When these two are kicked off the air, Alice is kicked into action, and what follows is both biting satire and a direct response to the likes of Jesse Helms and Donald Wildmon.

We shot this film back in Oct./Nov. It is now finished, and we are looking for a distributor. An article in THE ROC would really help. The movie, by the way, has a lot of music, almost all of it from Ohio bands. Let us know what you think about all this. And here's my renewal subscription for THE ROC. Keep 'em coming.


Steve Bognar
Yellow Springs, OH

Editor's Comment: Anyone wanting more information about this film or any distributors out there who may be able to help get it out can contact:

Attn: Julia Reichart
131 W. Davis St.
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
(513) 767-1924

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