By: Kirby Stokes


We here at R.O.C. HQ were all smiles after viewing SCHNITT ACHT's new video single "Fire." Deemed "too violent" by lame video outlets, shots of Bush, the UN and Saddam's head being exploded leads to the point that politicians, i.e. world leaders, are leading us to a spiraling demise. The band is comprised of a German, a Sioux Indian, an Italian and an Alaskan. Currently the band has an LP cassette entitled "SUBHUMAN MINDS," and a new one "SLASH & BURN" both on Cheetah/Majii Records. Musically the band is industrial, NINE INCH NAILS, MINISTRY, P.I.L. and NUMAN influenced. Vocals have a KREATOR/CORONER effect. It has something for everyone, so go out and get it.

"Go To Hell"

The General strikes again! Is there any other thrash/speed act that puts out such great videos? I don't think so. This one from "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey." It takes place after Dave Mustaine's plug has been pulled, a wild trip to hell and back. This one will have Larson, Ankerberg and other religious nuts ranting for months. This is the kind of video SLAYER should be putting out. Also check out "RUSTED PIECES," the new home video MEGADETH SELLS, AND YOU SHOULD BE BUYING.

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