By: Randy Lee Payton

"There's not one record executive that has the courage of a pornographer," comments Dave Marsh in RIP. "The adult film industry stands up for its rights with more courage than the music industry." On the other hand, whereas the FANS of rock and rap have shown themselves to be quite formidable in its opposition to the PMRC and their ilk, the fans of "adult entertainment" have been less inclined to actively stand up for their rights to view or read what they will.

This has unfortunately allowed the parameters of the "porno" debate to be narrowed down to the "conservative" side ("pornography is evil and should be censored") vs. the "liberal" side (pornography is evil but censorship's the greater evil"), according to F.M. Christensen in "Pornography: The Other Side," ($19.95 from Greenwood Publishing, 88 Post Rd. W., P.O. Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881). Arguing the "anti-pornography campaigns are themselves morally evil," Christensen holds that people promoting such campaigns are in fact the victims of "irrational attitudes" and "tragically mistaken beliefs about sex."

An invaluable book for anti-censorship activists looking for insight into the psychology underlying your garden variety censor.

Meanwhile, fans of adult films can get involved in the struggle by joining Fans of X-rated Entertainment (write: FOXE, 8231 DeLongpre Ave. #1, W. Hollywood, CA 90046 for more info) or by calling the Adult Video Assn. hotline at 1-900-446-VIEW ($2 first minute, $1 per minute after)...

Happily there's a new social current now challenging both the right-wing, anti-sex squads and the dreary, codified "Politically Correct" impasses of recent years, as well. Some of the groups and publications currently serving as vital, PRO-SEX beachheads in this struggle include: CALIFORNIANS AGAINST CENSORSHIP TOGETHER (CAL-ACT), 2550 Shattuck Ave., #51, Berkeley, CA 94704. Bobby Lilly, CAL-ACT president and editor of the group's newsletter, is a feminist, anti-censorship activist who "takes the cause into the breach" as recently when she, along with performance artists ANNIE SPRINKLE, actress NINA HARTLEY, writer VERONICA VERA, artists BETTY DODSON and editor of the excellent California SPECTATOR, MIKI DEMAREST and other noted sisters constituted a "Sex Positive" caucus at a national N.O.W. convention in N.Y.C. recently. Their objective was to change minds (and votes) on a number of backward resolutions regarding issues of sex, pornography and censorship. There's still alot of Andrea Dworkin-ite (anti-porn, male-bashing) ideology abounding in the feminist movement (of which this writer considers himself a part) but at last there is a fresh, new outlook starting to gain sway, promoted by such activism of Bobby and crew.

The monthly CAL-ACT newsletter with news from California and around the U.S. is highly recommended to keep up on this growing current. Write for a sub and membership info.

If the above movement sounds interesting as all hell to you, we highly recommend you check out EIDOS Magazine: send $10 + age statement to P.O. Box 96, Boston, MA 02137-0096. Also write, Dr. Roger Libby, Ph.D about joining NATIONAL ORGANIZATION of SEXUAL ENTHUSIASTS (N.O.S.E.) at P.O. Box 8733, Atlanta, GA 30306.

R.O.C. was on hand for a panel discussion on censorship in Chicago recently featuring Dave Marsh and that great man of letters Kurt Vonnegut. Kurt's raps were, as usual, brilliant, insightful and funny. However one comment cries out to be addressed: Kurt described as "scumbags" anyone "whose activities put the First Amendment in jeopardy," and named SCREW'S Al Goldstein and HUSTLER'S Larry Flynt as examples of said "scumbags."

Kurt baby! Goldstein is in direct lineage to satirist Lenny Bruce and his magazine has for years treaded where few American rags have had the guts to tread, sexually AND politically, for over 20 years, while Flynt took a fucking BULLET (and lost the use of his legs) defending freedom of expression. To his credit, Kurt added he had testified in defense of both men in various courts over the years (and would, if called upon, do so again). It's O.K. Kurt, you simply lapsed into seeing freedom of speech as a 'privilege' as opposed to a 'right,' it can happen to anyone in an off moment...

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