By: Chip Berlet Political Research Associates (Cambridge, MA)

Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas is a long-time member of the editorial board of the Lincoln Institute's Lincoln Review. Thomas is a protege of J.A. Parker, head of the Lincoln Institute, who was the Reagan Transition Team coordinator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which Thomas was later named to direct.

The Lincoln Institute is being described as a Black conservative group, but a more accurate description is that it is a far-right group that has worked in coalition with pro-apartheid forces, and fascist anti-Semetic groups. Parker, a former registered agent for the South African government, is on the board of the Council for National Policy along with other pro-apartheid individuals and at least one former member of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. Some members of the Black Christian right see such a danger from communism, socialism and liberalism to the free enterprise system and traditional God-centered family life that they are able to rationalize coalitions with fascists so long as they are sufficiently anti-communist.

The Lincoln Institute, with which Clarence Thomas has been affiliated in an official capacity for close to ten years, was also a member group in the Coalition for Peace Through Strength. As author Russ Bellant discusses, the Coalition includes a number of racist, pro-Nazi and anti-Semetic groups. --Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates, Cambridge, MA

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