By: Wayne J. Karczewski

Saturday June 15: Louisville Gardens Auditorium, Lousiville, KY. PANTERA on the last show of the tour.

Imagine going back to your high school gym. The hardwood floors, the cramped seating area. If you can picture this, then you have an idea of what the Louisville Gardens Auditorium looks like. This place is small! That night a disappointing crowd of about 100 people showed up. But these 100 people tore shit up.

I sat on the bus with Phil and Diamond Darrell of PANTERA, watching Red Hot Chili Peppers on the VCR. We then got into the discussion of censorship and other related topics. Phil, as hyper as is onstage, spoke first, "I think it sucks, it's heinous. It's not the American way and not based on the original intent of what America is built on. I do think there is no way around it." Diamond Darrell then added, "They're bored. The government needs someone to fuck with, so they single out a certain element."

The guys then went on to tell about an experience on the first tour with Wrathchild America.

Phil: On the way to the show in Cincinnati the bus got pulled over and searched. They didn't find anything though, Christ they even brought a dog on the bus! What happened was the equipment truck got pulled over and we pulled over to wait for them. So I guess the police thought hey let's check this out, we don't like this rock & roll shit."

Darrell continued, "We wake up to a fucking cop saying, 'we have three long hair, dope smokin' hippies here' and they tried to bust us up." Success, NO! Remember folks that in this session of the Supreme Court these wonderful keepers of Justice have taken away many of the landmark rights that have been granted to us. This is an example how the police can pull you over and search a closed container just because of suspicion. This is soooo scary!

We then moved onto environmental issues in which Phil said, "I think anything that is good for the planet is good to go." Darrell agreed with a whole hearted, "Fucking eh!" Phil then went on to add, "We're not freaks for the shit or anything else, but I catch myself thinking, like when we go into N.Y.C., God this is a filthy fucking place, they need to close it and hose the whole place down." In the same breath Mr. Domination told us the two things he hates more than anything in the world, "I hate cruelty to animals and the most heinous thing in the world is rape. Just thinking about rape sends me into a rage that it could even happen. God, it makes my skin crawl." How true he is!

Here are some juicy tidbits for all you PANTERA fans. On July 1st, the band went into the studio to cut a new album that is due out in January. The tentative title is, VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER and there is a song that touches on racism & censorship, but the guys would not elaborate any further.

When PANTERA his the stage that night, sheer bedlam broke loose and the show was nothing less than pristine. They played everything from the "COWBOYS FROM HELL" album and even ad-libbed a couple of old Van Halen tunes. Van Halen is one of Phil's favorite groups. He said that the groove of music today is what Van Halen was about back then.

Talking with Darrell & Phil you notice a couple of things. They love what they do and they are brutally honest. This is a rare quality, not only in music but society as well. I was treated like an old friend and everybody was the best.

EXTRA: For those that have the video: 1) Phil did not hurt his head. 2) Darrell did not get any money, but did get a hit of acid. In Part II for the next video he gets $12.

Thanx to PANTERA, Concrete, Guy "Hard-On" Sykes for making this all possible.

Until Next Time

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