By: John Woods

Dear Readers,

For your reading enjoyment and your educational growth, I submit to you THE ROC #7.

We apologize for the delay in getting this issue out, but we hope that upon reading it you will realize it was worth the wait. Holding up production for a couple weeks gave us the opportunity to participate and report about what we believe is the music/political event of the year. This of course being the LOLLAPALOOZA FESTIVAL. R.O.C. was honored to be a part of this historic event during its swing through Ohio. Now this is how a concert tour should be set up. A wonderful and meaningful blending of the music and the social and political activism. We hope that other bands will follow this lead and make LOLLAPALOOZA the wave of the future.

Being a part of LOLLAPALOOZA afforded us the opportunity to get tons of anti-censorship information out to thousands of people who came by the ROC booth. It also enabled us to bring you two dynamic and insightful interviews with Henry Rollins and the "Original Gangster" himself, ICE-T. You just won't find stuff like this in the mags on the shelves of the local Dairy Mart. So enjoy, learn, and put what you learned into action.

I hate to always end these editorials sounding like one of those TV/Radio evangelists, but we still need your help and support to keep THE ROC growing. With this issue we have added four more pages. We thank THREE SAGES PRODUCTIONS and SIMONES for the ads they took. We urge you to thank them by checking out their merchandise. We thank those of you who have sent cash donations to R.O.C. The rest of you, do what you can. Record companies and other music related businesses, can we count on you?

The central phone at R.O.C. HQ is still out of service. If anyone needs to get hold of us and just can't wait for the mail, you can call Randy Payton at (216) 364-2705 or Mike Heck at (216) 339-1023. All other correspondence should be sent to me at the R.O.C. address.

And finally we have taken care of that huge backorder we had with the R.O.C. t-shirts. In fact, a huge mailing was done on August 12th. So all of you who have been waiting for your shirts should have, or will soon be receiving them. We thank you for your patience while waiting. For those of you who have wrote inquiring about the shirts, we are now once again taking new orders for them.

That's all I have to say. Enjoy this issue, and let us know what you think of it. We love to hear from you. Get involved, get active and together we can ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP.

John Woods
Editor, THE ROC

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