By: John Woods

For this installment of CROSSFIRE we direct your attention to the State of Michigan. Our target nailed between the crosshairs is an individual by the name of MARGE ONDO. We know that many of you are saying, "who the hell is this?" True, she is not a Tipper Gore or a Peters Brother, but take our word for it, this old viper is just as dangerous.

Marge resides at 10033 JOAN DRIVE, FLINT, MI 48504 and can be reached at (313) 639-7039. This 53 year old grandma is in the forefront of the censorship movement in the Flint, Fenton, & Auburn Hills area. She has led a vicious assault on all forms of music, concerts and music related magazines. It is reported that she has direct ties with the PMRC, and it's a fact that she is affiliated with Don Wildmon's American Family Association (AFA). In fact, one of her main sidekicks is the AFA State Director for Michigan, Bill Johnson.

Besides leading the campaign against rock, rap, metal & thrash, Ondo has gained much local notoriety from her activities with a local anti-porn group. According to a local newspaper article we were able to obtain, most local residents view her as some kind of fanatical nut case. Despite this view from most common folks, she has intimidated local police and city officials into bowing to lick her jackboots. Due to this, she has been able to score some major victories in her attacks on Rock 'n' Roll.

In November 1990 she took credit for having a performance by 2 LIVE CREW canceled at the Capital Theatre in Flint. Later she claimed victory for the cancellation of a show by KING DIAMOND. With Bible in hand, she and her AFA cohorts appeared at a City Council meeting whining crying about these "evil" rock shows. Council aiming to please passed ordinances requiring the venue to acquire additional insurance and hire 100 additional security guards. Facing these enormous expenses it was cheaper to cancel the shows. The sweet taste of these victories boosted Ondo and her AFA followers to the point of near orgasm for the first time in their miserable little lives. Wanting more they tried the same tactics with concerts by JUDAS PRIEST, AC/DC, SCORPIONS, TRIXTER and GREAT WHITE. All of which we are happy to report were unsuccessful.

According to THE ROC's Michigan representative Ondo's gang are still trying. Along with calling for the banishment of all rock concerts they have now taken up going to the shows for the purpose of hassling the kids and to pass out their anti-rock religious tracts (probably Jack Chick comics). They were seen on April 11th at the SCORPIONS/TRIXTER show. At another show in Flint they were there while the Flint police stood by giving them back-up. We find this most interesting since the police are used to drive away anyone trying to distribute anti-censorship material.

Ondo has also set her sights on clearing all music mags from the shelves of local stores. The pressure and intimidation put on store owners by Ondo and her AFA stormtroopers has had results. According to our representative, issues of RIP MAGAZINE, CIRCUS, HIT PARADER and METAL HOT SHOTS have all disappeared from a number of 7-11's Spartan Stores, grocery, dairy and party stores. We have been told that Ondo recently appeared on a local TV show stating that "this is just the beginning."

Marge Ondo and her AFA crowd don't know just how true that statement is. They have bullied, intimidated, and had their way just about long enough. Yes it is just the beginning, but for them it's the beginning of the end. With the help of ROC and other groups the anti-censorship forces are being recruited and massed in Michigan. We are preparing to take Ondo head-on and do hard battle with her and the AFA lackeys.

The time for fighting back is long overdue. We urge every Rocker, Rapper, Punk, Metalhead, and Thrasher in Michigan to join us and help drive a stake through the heart of censorship. Bands and fans of all music must get involved and help send Ondo and her pack of AFA jackals running. We must show them that we will not tolerate their attacks on our music. We will make them understand that we will are not intimidated by their GESTAPO tactics. It's a fact when rockers stand up and fight back the nuts back off. Just like the Peters Brothers, they ain't shit!

Take notice of the photo accompanying this article. Study old Marge's mug well and remember it. And if you see her on the streets of Flint, Fenton, or at the concerts handing out her tracts, we want you to go right up to her and inform her that she is a casualty of war. In the Censorship War we take no POW'S.

In the CONTACT R.O.C. section of this issue is the listing for our Michigan rep. Get in touch and get involved. STAND UP FOR YOUR MUSIC, JOIN THE ROC ARMY!

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