Dear ROC,

I am glad that more people are becoming aware of the fact that there are numerous witchhunt groups that are trying to rip away freedom in the name of God. Fundamentalist Christianity is not a state or country enforced religion. This is a quote from the Bible taken from the book of St. Matthew, chapter 5, verse 11: "Blessed are ye, when man shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

I think the PMRC and their affiliates need to pick up their Bibles and start reading. I can also display another hypocrite among us. The PMRC's main affiliate, the National PTA has a promotional catalog that they publish advertising pamphlets they publish. In this catalog is advertised a brochure titled, "National PTA's Guide to Extremism." The advertisement states "from it's beginnings, public education has come under attack by various extremist groups. Attempts to censor books and other materials still occur today. Advises PTA's how to combat this extremism. Cost: one free with SASE." I wonder if the PTA is trying to stop the Peters Brothers from burning books? Maybe it would be a good idea to write to the PTA and tell them about the Peters Brothers. What would the PTA tell the Peters Brothers: "stop burning books and magazines but go ahead and burn the records." Stop apathy, get informed, and stop the PMRC and all groups like them.

Peace & Hope,
Ken Lange
Laguna Hills, CA

Dear ROC,

The censorship issue is one that must be taken very serious. Supporters of censorship and the PMRC are very dangerous individuals bent on the repression and ultimate elimination of the freedoms this country was built on. Something must be done to prevent this travesty of freedom from taking place. We must annihilate the seeds, before they grow out of control and we are delivered back to the ways of the Nazi's.

The Utopian Party is interested in the ceasing of this monster. Our goal is to stop censorship of all forms. But the Utopian Party wants more than this. What we are calling for is the end of all forms of corruption which dwell in our government today. The Utopian Party strives to create a better nation than the one we have now. The time for injustice to come to an end is now!

We are interested in any opinions of other anti-censorship groups and alliances. The only way to put an end to it all is through unification. Our base address is: THE UTOPIAN PARTY c/o Jesse Nelson, 2A Anncourt Apts. Luzerne, PA 18709.

We have an anti-censorship march tentatively scheduled for July 4th in Washington, D.C. If anyone is interested in attending, please contact the above address for more information.

Thank you,
Jesse Nelson

Dear ROC,

DAVE MUSTAINE MUST DIE! Okay, I got your attention. Picture this, alright? Last fall I am sitting in front of my residence hall's TV getting my daily dose of MTV when all of a sudden one of those ROCK THE VOTE ads come on. This one features the four heavy-metal heroes from MEGADETH wrapped-in an American flag with tape over their mouths: close shot, long shot, pan back. Then they all say "Rock The Vote opposes CENSORSHIP"! And I'm thinking "COOL" : Okay?

Then, a few months later I'm reading SLICING EDGE's interview with these guys, and when they ask him about 2 Live Crew, what does Dave Mustaine say? "In that case, I'm going to have to be a hypocrite and say censorship is not a bad guy. I think they should have called it something else, like good taste and common sense."

And I'm like "WHAT THE FUCK?" You get on MTV and tell ten thousand "PEACE SELLS" screamin metalheads that censorship causes brain cancer and then you say "well, gee, I guess I didn't mean it? What's going on there, DUDE?!?"

Geez-O-Pete! You can't hold anyone to their word these days. Next thing you know Jesse Helms will turn up at an Open Doors meeting! Would Dave be so flip if it was his record getting a bum rap (no pun intended)?

Listen Dave, I have the greatest respect for your music, but it's what's going on between your ears that's got me PO'ed. Censorship is censorship! It's NEVER, EVER justified in a case like 2 Live Crew's! Where's your head?

So this month's SIT DOWN AND THINK award goes to Dave Mustaine, who has earned it with flying colors and disappearing convictions.

Jim Tremlett
Athens, OH

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim is the president of FRIENDLY ANTI-CENSORSHIP TASK FORCE for STUDENTS (FACTS) on the Ohio University campus in Athens. See database for address.

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