By: Karen S. Lemley

(KAREN S. LEMLEY is the music columnist for the LORAIN MORNING JOURNAL. In this capacity she was in attendance at the Peters Bros. anti-rock seminar. Here is her account of the evening as she reported it in the March 29 issue. We reprint this section with permission.)

If there is one thing I remember from an old sociology class it was to admit your biases. So, before I begin my story on Sunday's Truth About Rock seminar hosted by Steve Peters, I will admit those biases.

I openly despise Steve Peters, the work he does against any music and the horse he rode in on.

The rock seminar was held at The Church on the North Coast. I also attended last year's March 19 seminar, and have known of Steve Peters, and his brother Dan who are collectively known as the Peters Brothers, for many years. So, my biases aren't without reason.

Voicing their opinions at this year's music bashing night were my friends of Rock Out Censorship.

R.O.C. co-founder John Woods exchanged words with a less than debatable Peters. But as Peters, himself, said earlier in the night, "I do not want to hear your opinions...our facts are documented." Which was followed by one of the nights more than 15 "buy this" spiels.

The night continued on as Peters and his co-host and wife Julie proceeded to compare quotes from bands to quotes taken from the bible. They also linked bands to categories of music that promotes suicide, satanism, and hedonistic lifestyles. Peters said, "If your kids are into this type of music moms and dads, I would lock your bedroom door and sleep with your eyes open."

Following an intermission of which, for reason unknown, R.O.C. members didn't return from, Peters referred to those that interrupted, R.O.C., as "challenging hearts" and should be prayed for.

Concluding the seminar, Peters held up a R.O.C. newsletter that Woods and company were distributing. He said, "They (R.O.C.) would love to censor us," and called them a "quite interesting organization."

Dressed in my anti-censorship T-shirt, I couldn't help but feel out of place in this church of God. The same sentiments were expressed by members of R.O.C. and also by a guy wearing a Slayer shirt who simply said, "I feel stupid." It wasn't the most comfortable night of the year.

Final notes on Steve Peters. He is an ordained minister in a church that he and brother Dan founded in 1979. An obvious rebellion of any traditional religion. Also, the merchandise in the Truth About Rock catalog totals nearly $2,000. I guess that means it's okay to make money off of suicidal, satanic, and hedonistic music.

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