By: Mike Heck

WHEN THE STAGE BURNED RED?...It very well could have. In the darkness of the Empire, the fans were waiting for the war to commence. An eerie mist started to spread over the stage, the haunting intro of WHEN THE SUN BURNS RED slowly glowed through the PA. As the rays of light intensified with the fog, four silhouettes materialized. To view this, it looked as if four men were the lone conquering survivors of a nuclear war. The four men in question are Germany's premier thrash band, KREATOR. POW!.....When the band erupted into the main section of WHEN THE SUN BURNS RED there was no question that KREATOR were here to conquer any and everyone in its path.

Mille, Ventor, Frank and Rob continued their sonic assault with BETRAYER to the crowds frenzied response, the moshers loving every second of it. Next were TERRIBLE CERTAINTY, EXTREME AGGRESSION, and COMA OF SOULS which were played note perfect, as well as the rest of the songs from the PLEASURE TO KILL album. UNDER THE GUILLOTINE, THE PESTILENCE, and RIOT OF VIOLENCE were played, and all brutally wonderful. KREATOR's light show fit perfectly with the music, which for many songs were, background strobe beams and no front lights. A very eerie effect. Mille was in fine form playing and screaming great, and briefing the crowd about some of the songs, as well.

Also from COMA OF SOULS the band did, PEOPLE OF THE LIE (the new vid), TERROR ZONE which was the last song before the crowd yelled for more, bringing the band back to do FLAG OF HATE and AGENTS OF BRUTALITY. The COMA OF SOULS TOUR-91 is a fucking excellent show. Hopefully this progressive heavy thrash band will reach more people this time. KREATOR is a force to be reckoned with and deserves to be on top.

Second on the bill were Brooklyn hardcore'ers BIOHAZARD. This bands "no bullshit" attitude won the crowd over immediately. As bassist/vocalist Evan said to me, before they went on "it's no candyland out there," and he meant business. They hit the stage opening with VICTORY, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and JUSTIFIED VIOLENCE. From their debut CD, letting everyone know right where they stand. BIOHAZARD are a great visual band (they're all over the fucking place). Billy was playing on top of the crowd for a while, in fact. Don't forget Bobby together with Billy, are a perfect guitar killing machine. With Danny's frantic bashing on the drums and Evan's solid hammering on the bass, this is a razor sharp band that'll cut you to shreds if you don't watch out. They reminded me of the CRO-MAGS, also of N.Y. The band played almost their whole CD of which they saved 4 songs for the encore where they krushed the crowd with SCARRED FOR LIFE and HOWARD BEACH, great hardcore. Before the next song, Evan made a brief speech about the R.O.C. and dedicated WRONGSIDE OF THE TRACKS to us. (THANX EVAN). They finished the show with HOLD MY OWN. All in all, a great high energy performance from N.Y.'s BIOHAZARD. A great bunch of guys, see you next tour man!

Opening was MORGOTH, another German band. MORGOTH are a young thrash band with one release, THE ETERNAL FALL. While the band wasn't bad, they were no match for KREATOR or BIOHAZARD. Though they did warm up the crowd a bit. A little more experience might make them a band to watch for.

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