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Damned If You Do

Former DAMNED and LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH guitarist, Brian James is back with a solo LP. I can't tell you the title, but can tell you its a good rock n' punk n' roll record. Neat..neat..neat if you can find it.

Resident Eyeball!

Attack of the killer eyeballs?'s just those eyeball heads THE RESIDENTS. They released their new product....."FREAK SHOW".... Need I say more

New York Dolls Guitarist Dies

On April 23, Rock & Roll lost one its most influential guitarists and personalities. JOHNNY THUNDERS...DEAD...Thunders was found dead in his room in New York City. Because of his wild public image and past drug use, a drug overdose is suspected as the cause of death. A coroners report is pending. The former NEW YORK DOLLS and THE HEARTBREAKERS guitarist was writing new material for a solo LP due sometime this year and on top of that, there was talk of a NEW YORK DOLLS reunion, that sadly will not happen now. Johnny Thunders, who was 38 years old inspired a whole nation of Rock & Roll and Punk guitarists alike.

To name a few, people like JOHNNY RAMONE, former SEX PISTOL STEVE JONES, SLASH of GUNS N' ROSES and probably most glam bands playing today. Traci Guns of LA GUNS said, "Johnny Thunders changed my whole style of playing, one of my favorite guitarists," and rightly so! A memorial gig will be held soon in N.Y.C. which will most likely be attended by a who's who of Punk and Rock & Roll people alike. The King of Rock & Roll buzzsaw guitar will be sadly missed but his music, spirit and sound will live forever and inspire more generations to come. Johnny Thunders death, for many, truly makes him a real HEARTBREAKER...

Sabbath Dio Sabbath

Thee original doom & gloom band, BLACK SABBATH, are at it again. Bassist GEEZER BUTLER, who jumped ship from OZZY OSBOURNE'S boat, has apparently floated over to the SABBATH dock once again. Also another former "SAB" found his way to the shore...vocalist RONNIE J. DIO. IOMMI, BUTLER, DIO and (hey where's BILL WARD) with the exception of the legendary COZY POWELL on drums, is the classic MKII, HEAVEN & HELL lineup. While the band is reportedly rehearsing in Wales, this could be a great comeback for the "SABS" (they might even steal the crown back from CANDLEMASS), but don't hold your breath. With all the changes this band has went through, all could change tomorrow, NEVER SAY WHY....

BAD BRAINS have lost lead barker HR. He has been replaced by former FAITH NO MORE screemer Chuck Mosley. Drummer Earl has also left. Replacing him will be former CRO-MAGS beater, Mackie. The band is negotiating a major label deal to be announced soon.

Germany's premier thrash band KREATOR will release a home video soon. Featured on the vid will be songs from the new COMA OF SOULS album. Videos for the songs include: WHEN THE SUN BURNS RED, COMA OF SOULS, PEOPLE OF THE LIE and TERROR ZONE. BETRAYER from EXTREME AGGRESSIONS may also be included. But for now PEOPLE OF THE LIE has been released to MTV, so call and pester Riki "Rockhead" (Headbangers Ball) to play it..NOW!

Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA have a new video out from their newest LP "ARISE" THE SONG... DEAD EMBRYONIC CELLS.


Former CLASH bassist Paul Simonon has a new band and album, HAVANA 3 AM. The former CLASH'er took up his time painting after departing THE CLASH but has now returned with a strong new band, sounding in the vein of vintage CLASH. The album is released through IRS records. Look for the first video titled REACH THE ROCK. Great stuff, you buy it now...and you too!

GANG OF FOUR have reformed for a new LP, titled "MALL"....Now go out and shop!

U.F.O. have reformed. Founding members Phil Mogg and Pete Way have recruited guitarist Laurence Archer. The band is currently recording new material in England. Michael Schenker and Andy Parker are being tracked down by the M.I.B.

MOTORHEAD will headline a tour in support of their new LP 1916. On the tour will be METAL CHURCH in support of their new LP HUMAN FACTOR on Epic records. Opening will be MINDFUNK. What a bill, don't miss it. Just for you MOTORHEAD will break the sound barrier once again.

On Thursday May 16th you can see the LEMOLA and MOTORHEAD on Late Night with David Letterman. Don't miss this one!

Three of the biggest names of the thrash heap will co-headline in what promises to be one the tours of the year. SLAYER, ANTHRAX and MEGADETH will tour the states together on rotation of a different headliner each night (to be fair to the impact status of each band.) ALICE IN CHAINS will open each show.

Do you remember the BLANK GENERATION?

N.Y. punks, RICHARD HELL & TOM VERLAINE are reforming the band TELEVISION. While it's been over a decade since T.V. broke up, its great to have N.Y.C.'s late 70's punks back on the scene. An album is planned, then a reunion tour. Since HELL played with JOHNNY THUNDERS in the HEARTBREAKERS, there stands a good chance TELEVISION will perform at THUNDERS memorial gig soon in N.Y.C.

Fire Claims HUMBLE PIE Vocalist/Guitarist

Former HUMBLE PIE guitarist STEVE MARRIOTT recently died in a fire at his home. It is reported that Steve fell asleep with a lit cigarette in hand, which started the fire. Steve died April 20 and was 44 years old. Steve and his old "Pie" band mate PETER FRAMPTON were recently collaborating on new material ready to be recorded. Steve Marriott was a "smokin" raw guitarist with a lot of soul, during HUMBLE PIE's hey-day. Here's to the memory of STEVE MARRIOTT.


The long awaited GUNS 'N' ROSES should be released in 5 more years...Actually this month sometime. The new release will be titled "USE YOUR ILLUSION." This is a double album release (the bands "PHYSICAL GRAFFITI" possibly). And the first with new and former Cult drummer MATT SORUM. Song titles featured on the new LP are: "BACK OFF BITCH," "LOCOMOTIVE," "WHY DO YOU LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU HATE," "SHOT GUN BLUES," "COMA," "DON'T DAMN ME," and "THE GARDEN," (which features a duet with ALICE COOPER singing with AXL).

A cover EP of faves will also be issued shortly. Songs featured are as follows: The Sex Pistols "BLACK LEATHER," The Damned "NEW ROSE," Fear "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU," The Dead Boys "CAUGHT WITH THE MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH," The Misfits-"ATTITUDE," UK Subs-"DOWN ON THE FARM," and Wings-"LIVE AND LET DIE."

The tour which starts at Alpine Valley, Milwaukee, will last almost two years. Another studio LP, which has also been recorded will come out a year into the tour. Sounds like a hard working band keeping busy. Can't wait to hear the EP. Now, how about covering BUDGIE!! You have the GUTS...

Saints Be Praised

Aussie greats, THE SAINTS are due soon with a new LP of goods. Vocalist/guitarist CHRIS BAILEY was the only original member the past decade, but it's rumored that guitar grinder and founding member ED KRUEPER will return. Ed, along with Chris, who wrote most of SAINTS early songs, recorded the classic first two SAINTS albums together: "I'M STRANDED" and "ETERNALY YOURS." Late 70's or otherwise, punk masterpieces! After KRUEPER left THE SAINTS in 1980, he soon formed the highly acclaimed LAUGHING CLOWNS and put out two LPs with that band. After the "CLOWNS", KRUEPER released three solo albums, the last of which was titled "ELECTRICAL STORM."

Hardcore all girl rap group, BITCHES WITH PROBLEMS, are taking a stand against racism and the police with their new video "WANTED." The video shows footage of Rodney King being beaten by the L.A.P.D. Tell 'em like it is ladies! Don't let the system walk all over you.

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