By: Randy Payton

50 WAYS TO FIGHT CENSORSHIP, AND IMPORTANT FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT THE CENSORS by Dave Marsh and friends. Foreword by George Plimpton, epilogue by Barney Rossett. Thunder's Mouth Press, $5.95.

In the anti-censorship struggle the temptation is to take "the path of least resistance." Progressives will defend a Mapplethorpe exhibition yet be silent about an arrested 2 Live Crew for fear of not being "politically correct." A well funded national anti-censorship campaign could link people up with grass roots groups organizing to fight back, but it's much more "expedient" to simply emphasize voter registration. The classic "liberal" line is unfortunately one all too often stressing compromise, (as was the case of the RIAA and record companies' toward the PMRC and record labeling; compromise never works with censors--they smell blood in the slightest capitulation and always want more).

One guy that says forget the niceties, take off the kid gloves, and let's have at these swine, is author Dave Marsh. Dave, a former editor at the early CREEM and participant in the Michigan radical-rock scene of the late 60's, has in recent years come to public attention as author of several books on rock & roll and as editor of the "insider" newsletter ROCK & ROLL CONFIDENTIAL. Since 1980 Dave has been writing, lecturing and researching on the ever growing threat of censorship. His recent book 50 WAYS TO FIGHT CENSORSHIP describes how to do just that.

With the help of experiences culled from artists and activists ranging from poet Allen Ginsberg to ROC's John Woods, Marsh presents a panoply of ways and means to fight back, whether as part of the national movement against the likes of the PMRC or against your local yahoos.

Suggested ways includet "Starting your own newsletter and/or anti-censorship group," "Suing the bastards," "Boycotting pro censorship companies," and more.

This book is a veritable "Whole Anti-Censorship Catalog" of ideas and strategies! YOU SHOULD GET IT... AND YOU TOO!!!

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