R.O.C. has endorsed the call for a national boycott of all 7-UP products. 7-UP has donated money to the PMRC, which has used this money to create a climate in which Rock & Roll is being slowly but surely outlawed. We have informed 7-UP that the PMRC has endorsed a book describing how to stage album burnings and we have informed 7-UP that the PMRC has organizational ties to Focus on the Family, which advocates maintaining a flow of drugs into America's inner cities. Yet 7-UP has not responded to our request that they disassociate themselves from the PMRC.

We are calling for everyone in America who loves Rock & Rap, everyone who believes in freedom of expression, to boycott 7-UP and all of its products, including those put out under other names, such as DR.PEPPER. This boycott will last until 7-UP publicly pledges not to give any more money to the PMRC. We urge everyone who loves this country's freedoms and its culture to write to John Albers, president of 7-UP, and tell him why you are boycotting his company. (7-UP - 8144 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, Texas 75231).

We are also calling on the entertainment industry to boycott MARRIOTT HOTELS which federal tax records reveal, has also donated money to the PMRC.

This national boycott is endorsed by: A SIGN OF THE TIMES, Kansas City, FREE MUSIC COALITION, Philadelphia, ROCK & ROLL CONFIDENTIAL, Los Angeles/New York, SLAM, Los Angeles, and ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP, Jewett, Oh.

For more information contact Lee Ballinger at (213) 204-0827.

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