Oh man what a let down: Now we have always heard that Dan and Steve Peters were real bad ass dudes that evil rockers like us just don't fuck with. Let us set the record straight by telling the world that these album burning idiots ain't shit. On March 17th R.O.C. went into the belly of the beast and took 1/2 of the feared famous duo head-on.

Steve Peters brought the famous "Truth About Rock" seminar to a church in Lorain, Ohio. Now when he is babbling to a church full of fellow fundamentalists it's a hell-fire & brimstone presentation. But you let an organized group of rockers attend and fire some real opposition at him and it's stuttering and stammering time. Why the mere presence of R.O.C. not only had the church flock jittery, but it was all that Steve could do just to conduct the seminar. He was challenged every step of the way as he attempted his vicious unfounded assault on Rock & Roll.

At one point a very heated verbal exchange took place between Steve and ROC's editor John Woods. It started when Steve proclaimed to the crowd that "he had the record companies and a number of bands on the run." He was immediately told by John Woods that about the only thing he had that was running was his nose. Steve replied by shouting, "I don't want to hear your opinions, my facts are documented. If you want to make a speech go rent your own hall up the road."

And what about his "documented facts?" Well to be truthful the seminar sucked! It was an outdated slide show showing a lot of old bands who aren't even recording anymore. Bits and pieces were taken from lyrics and interviews, all of which were taken totally out of context. By selective editing and selective transcribing he could have them saying anything. Some documentation Steve!

We have always thought the Peters Brothers were the leaders when it came to having anti-rock rallies. It was our impression that they were the mentors and inspiration for groups like Frontline Ministries. Boy were we wrong. Hell, even John Baker and Larry Mitchell know how to attack rock in a more entertaining manner than the Peters. At least their material is current and they at least play the songs for you. Come on Peters, let's get on the stick. Geez we hope this wasn't the best shot you could take. Pretty dull Steve.

Now we know you are all dying to know if the big bad Steve Peters conducted a record burning that night. Well folks the answer is no. This gutless wonder was so nervous by our being there, he was lucky he could do the seminar. When R.O.C. arrived at the Church on the North Coast the first thing we did was scope out the parking lot area looking for barrels or a burning receptacle. We saw none. Secondly, a short break was taken between shows. When we went outside to have a smoke and talk with some friends who attended, it began pouring down rain. As if someone was trying to tell Steve "no fires tonight dude." Had Peters attempted a burning that night R.O.C. had a plan in place to deal with it. A number of fire extinguishers were brought along that night and were tucked away close by. A few blockers were also in place who could open a hole in the crowd and allow the fire to be put out. We came prepared!

Following the intermission we saw no reason to stay and endure more of Steve's bullshit. Confident that he was too shit scared to attempt a burning, we got out of there. We went to the home of some local R.O.C. supporters and drank a few beers, listened to some MEGADETH and had a good time laughing about how much of a paper tiger Steve Peters was.

So here's the point of the story. These guys can't stand up to us, they ain't shit. Dear Readers, when they come to your town with their anti-rock show, by all means do attend. Get all of your rocker friends together at Peters' gig and take them on with a vengeance. Question and rebuff everything they say. We are sure you will have one hell of a good time watching them squirm a little. We sure did! Thanx for the good time Steve and we'll see ya next time you decide to slink through Ohio.


THE PETERS BROTHERS - P.O. Box 9222 North St. Paul, MN 55109, (612) 770-8114

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