By: John Woods

Looking at THE ROC one might be misled into thinking that R.O.C. has fairly good finances. After all, we do a top-quality tabloid newspaper. The truth is we have a great printer with prices that can't be beat. Despite this, the issue you are now holding just barely came out. And to get #6 out we had to cut back the total run by a couple thousand.

We touched on this a bit in the last issue. We have no "rich uncles" backing us. Even though we have tried, we can't seem to interest any segment of the music industry into helping this paper with ads. The paper has got to the point where the subs alone do not carry the paper. When we went to 12 pages our postage jumped from 29 cents: per issue to 52 cents. This killed us.

The day-to-day operating cost of R.O.C. is another killer. On April 30th the telephone at the R.O.C. headquarters (614) 946-4685 was disconnected. Anyone needing to contact us should use the (216) 364-2705 number. Our phones are not used for "idle chit-chat". We call to gather information for stories and network with other anti-censorship groups to coordinate the fight against our enemies.

None of our staff receive any kind of payment for their work. All work on THE ROC is donated both in time and money. Over the past year I alone have put an enormous amount of money into this project out of my pocket. Currently, I am unemployed and no longer in a position to continue. We at R.O.C. believe in this paper and we feel it serves a vital purpose in the War Against Censorship. We want to keep it in the forefront of the fight against the PMRC, Peters Brothers, Labeling Laws and all the other elements out there trying to silence the voice of Free Speech and Free Expression. But we must have your help and your support. As the saying goes THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! We can sure tell you all about that.

Over the next few months we have several things we want to do with R.O.C. First, we want to incorporate as a non-profit entity. Second, we want to obtain a bulk-rate mailing permit for THE ROC. This would reduce our postage cost tremendously.

And thirdly, we want to build a base of support for this paper that will guarantee its continued existence. We have initiated THE ROC 669 CLUB where our readers and supporters can help THE ROC with small monthly pledges. We hope you take advantage of this. We want to do another ROC benefit show soon. Any bands out there who would play for such an event, we need to hear from you. And how about you record companies? We are out here fighting for your ass, so surely you have room in your advertising budgets to help this paper!

There is one more thing before I go. We are temporarily suspending orders for the ROC (Who Made Tipper Gore God?) T shirts. This is because we have a huge backorder that has not yet been filled. Once we get caught up on orders, we will once again start taking orders. For all of you who have been waiting for your shirts, we appreciate your patience. We will have your order filled in the next few weeks.

Keep the Voice of Rock Out Censorship loud and strong. We need your support now!

John Woods, Editor: THE ROC

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