By: Mike Heck

On Dec,12th, the CENSORSHIP AWARENESS BENEFIT for ROCK THE VOTE took place at J.C. Dodds in Philadelphia, PA. Organizers of the event included, Carol Schutzbank and Ann Hendrix. Those performing for the event were: PUBLIC SERVICE, poet JIM CANFIELD, LARRY LARR, DR. BOMBAY and headliners: TOO BLACK TOO STRONG. With all bands doing a good job, most were waiting for hardcore group TOO BLACK TOO STRONG, without disappointment I might add. The crowd went wild when they hit the stage. LARRY LARR were really fun to watch as well as funk to. DR. BOMBAY held their own too. This night was to be one of poet JIM CANFIELD's last performances. I received word that JIM committed suicide sometime in January 1991. He was 32.

As far as taking interest in information about censorship this night proved to be lame. This was due to the fact that the bands played the main, downstairs section, and people's zines and displays were distributed in the upstairs bar (which was smaller and away from the bulk of the crowd). I did meet some devoted people though and gave an interview to WMOH, Muhlenburg College Radio out of Allentown, PA. Thanks to Carol for making it happen and a dedication to memory of JIM CANFIELD....

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