By: John Woods

This is for all you folks who claim that 2 LIVE CREW is obscene. To you who insist that SLAYER's music comes from the depths of hell itself. And let's not forget you who expound that the SEX PISTOLS, GG ALLIN and JELLO BIAFRA are the most vile and obnoxious musicians to ever set foot on a stage. And how about that segment of society that is constantly whining and crying about the "Promotion of violence." And finally, this is for everyone who gets all bent out of shape when we liken the fundamentalist kooks with the Klan and Nazis.

Recently on TV I saw a report that showed what I believe had to be the most obscene, demonic and violent act I have ever witnessed. What I watched made all of the above named musicians seem like players at a Sunday School picnic. "Just who is promoting evil," I wondered?

There on the screen was a group of people cheering wildly as books, magazines, records, tapes and other items were being burnt. The location was a church parking lot in Denver, Colorado. This event was being led by the Peters Brothers, a team of nutty preachers from Minnesota. As each item was displayed, named off and tossed into the fire, the wild-eyed, frenzy whipped crowd would scream and cheer. Books by STEPHEN KING were burned. Records and tapes by THE POLICE, REO SPEEDWAGON, MADONNA, LED ZEPPELIN, OZZY OSBOURNE and of course, 2 LIVE CREW and SLAYER were all incinerated. I found it very difficult to remember that I was watching something from America of the 90's and not Germany of the 30's.

And if this was not frightening enough, what the camera showed next chilled me even more. It showed one lone individual who cared enough to show up in protest of this prelude to Nazism. His sign, the single lone voice of sanity summed it up by reading: "HITLER STARTED THIS WAY, FIRST THEY BURN BOOKS, NEXT THEY BURN PEOPLE."

Here in Ohio the religious fundamentalists and other assorted nuts got highly pissed-off when R.O.C. compared anti-music fanatics John Baker and Larry Mitchell from Frontline ministries with the Klan and Nazis. We submit the above incident as justification for that link. Dan & Steve Peters, John Baker and Larry Mitchell, Bob Larson, Tipper Gore, and the whole PMRC are all cut from the same cloth. These "self-appointed holy guardians of society" want to dictate what we see, hear or read. They have devised a definite FINAL PLAN to ban, censor and burn anything and everything they don't happen to like, agree with or understand. A sample of their plan was witnessed in that Denver parking lot. HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE THE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING BECOMES THE ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY?

Dan & Steve Peters began burning books and records in the early 80's. They intend to conduct hundreds of these "burnings" all across America in the 90's. They are like John & Larry from Frontline, who along with Bob Larson are slinking the country from auditorium to auditorium spreading their unfounded hysteria that SATAN is lurking behind every bush, and is defiantly on every record recorded.

We must get our shit together and start taking these nuts head on at every opportunity. They are not playing games and neither should we. If you need further proof of what they are cooking-up read the article in this issue titled THE MILLENNIAL CHURCH. If the Peters Brothers want to come in and do some burnings we should turn out in full force and douse their flames. And if we get the opportunity we should make damn sure they are unable to even strike a match for a long while. No debate, no compromise, just kick 'em like the Nazi dogs they are!

The Peters Brothers, like Frontline Ministries are the pride n' joy of Tipper Gore and the PMRC. In fact, at a Peters the PMRC credits the Peters Brothers as "the one's who got the wrecking ball swinging in the right direction when it come to rock & metal music." Lately the PMRC has tried to disassociate themselves with the Peters Brothers. At R.O.C. we do not buy that claim for a minute. They do this only to maintain the facade of being a "mainstream consumer group of concerned parents." In reality, they are in bed together with some of the most right-wing groups in the country. They need each other. The Peters Brothers, Frontline Ministries and Bob Larson are the PMRC's "shock-troops" who openly and violently attack music and art in order to popularize the PMRCs hidden agenda of total censorship.

WE CAN & MUST BEAT THEM BACK! A united force of ROCK, RAP, PUNK, METAL and THRASH fans and bands along with our friends from the Arts community have the power to neutralize these cultural terrorists. LET'S DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

EDITOR's NOTE: I wrote this piece for THE ROC #4, but due to space limitations we were unable to run it. Since then we were able to obtain a copy of WHY KNOCK ROCK by Dan & Steve Peters. This book was written around 1983-84, prior to the existence of the PMRC or Frontline Ministries. It is clear to see where both groups, got most of their ideas from. John & Larry of Frontline are Peters Brothers clones in every way except for the actual burning. We at R.O.C. suggest that you check and see if your library has this book. It exposes these individuals for the nuts they are. Oh, by the way, Dan, all of us at R.O.C. want to say that we wish the elevator shaft that you fell down in 1969 had been a bit longer.--JW

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