By: John Woods

Florida club owner KEN GERINGER needs our help. Ken is the owner of the CLUB FUTURA located in Hollywood, Florida. If the name of his club perhaps rings some bells in your mind it's because it was from the stage of the Club Futura where 2 Live Crew did their legendary performance that resulted in their arrest and charges of obscenity. It was also here that white rappers Too Much Joy were arrested following a show in which they performed 2 Live Crew material. As we all know both groups received mass national exposure from the Club Futura shows that milestoned their careers.

Today due to legal fees and constant threats and harassment from the Broward County Sheriff and other county & state agencies, the Club Futura is on the verge of closing its doors forever.

In a phone conversation with R.O.C., Geringer explained that when 2 Live Crew was busted on June 10, 1990 he was not arrested or charged. When Too Much Joy was later arrested on August 9, 1990, then was he arrested and charged for obscenity for both shows. Ken's legal fees are today in excess of $35,000.

Since the bust Ken has tried to keep Club Futura open despite constant harassment from local officials. One day it's the Fire Marshal, the next day it's the Health Inspector, then it's the Liquor Board, and always it's Broward County Sheriff Nick Navarro.

"It's got to the point where people don't want to come out to the club anymore because they know they're going to be harassed by the cops on their way in," Geringer told R.O.C. He also related an outright threat made to him by Hollywood Mayor Sal Oliviri. Geringer was told, the handwriting might not be written on the wall but there's many means that he and the town has to rid itself of undesirable merchants.

Ken told R.O.C. about all of the promises of support he was given by record labels and others in the industry. Promises that have all failed to materialize. "People just don't care, the apathy is so thick," says Geringer. "We've been fighting a solo battle down here. We even had a protest at the Court House which they killed us in the press. They reported that kids were cutting school to protest when they should be in school.

They made it look like we were corrupting minors," he went on to say. (The protest he talked about was reported on in THE ROC #4, see page 4 FLORIDA ROC's article.)

"The reality of it is that now that the charges have been dropped against both 2 Live Crew and Too Much Joy, and Nick Navarro got yelled at by the jury for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on prosecuting these cases, that Sheriff Nick Navarro became the most famous Sheriff in the country, 2 Live Crew made millions of dollars, everyone knows who Too Much Joy is, and we lost our club," says Ken.

"Right now we are looking for any kind of help possible and any kind of donation small or anything," he said.

Ken Geringer wants to file a Civil Rights case against Nick Navarro and the Broward County Sheriffs Department, against the mayor of Hollywood Sal Oliviri and everyone else involved in this matter. He told R.O.C. "we want to be the one's to initiate this law suit, and besides our damages make sure that this could never be done again!"

In order to do this Ken needs our help. 2 Live Crew has turned their backs on him. Too Much Joy has forgotten the Club Futura and Ken is trying to get help from Irving Azoff at Giant Records (Too Much Joy's label). Now we must stand up and help Ken. Readers of THE ROC, we want you to help in any way you can. A buck is a buck, and they all add up and help. PLEASE SEND WHAT EVER YOU CAN!

6411 S.W. 57th St
DAVIE, FL 33314

Ken would be glad to hear from anyone needing more information about the situation in Florida. He has requested that we provide his phone number in order to answer any questions our readers may have. Call (305) 583-2730.

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