Once upon a time Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention made an album titled WE'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY. It's R.O.C.'s opinion that certain elements within the music industry should purchase all rights to this title from Mr. Zappa and adopt it as their corporate slogan.

In Cleveland, this slogan should be displayed in brilliant neon lights over each entrance to the Coliseum Theatre.

Did you ever ask yourself just what kind of money these "Music Mafioso's" pull in as a result of Rock, Metal & Thrash? It's astronomical! Our music not only is their bread & butter, hell it's their meat & potatoes as well.

You might think that these robber barons of rock & roll might be the least bit concerned that certain groups like the PMRC are trying to restrict and outlaw live concerts. Furthermore, you might expect a bit of sympathy and support for groups like R.O.C. who are fighting back against these attacks. We have friends in other major cities who distribute anti-censorship materials at concerts all the time. But in Cleveland (the capital of Rock & Roll) don't expect such support from the Coliseum. These money-grubbing bastards could give a fuck about censorship. Their only concern seems to be getting their fat sweaty hands on that cash that we shell out for tickets.

"How can we say this," you are asking? True colors were shown on November 29th when R.O.C. attempted to raise the issue of fighting censorship with concert goers at the POISON/WARRANT show. The manner in which the Coliseum officials and their police force treated R.O.C. had to make them all eligible for honorary membership in the PMRC. We are convinced that old Tipper Gore herself would welcome them with a smile and a "job well done" pat on the back.

The ROC Crew consisting of Kirby, Jennifer, Vera & John arrived at the Coliseum and got a great response from the crowd. THE ROC newspapers were being snatched up like a canteen of cold water in the Saudi desert. All was going fine until the "men in black" spotted them. They charged and while trying to grab the papers from the ROC'ers hands the pigs squealed, "you can't do that here, it is forbidden, this is private property, it's not in the rules, we're only doing our job." ROC editor John Woods responded, "Fine, if we can't sell them we'll give them away." This move threw the pigs into a greater state of confusion. Their little radio began to hum as the word went out that a problem existed at the main entrance. Pig A instructed Pig B to hold the ROC Crew there while he scurried off for reinforcements. Moments later he returned with Pigs C, D, E & F. Four more came in a car that drove right up the ramp to the front doors. Surrounded by this much pork the ROC Crew saw that making a point with these guys was useless. ROC editor John Woods asked to meet with a real Coliseum official. It was his hope that someone who puts on these shows might understand what this was all about. NO SUCH LUCK!

The ROC Crew was then herded to an area deep in the bowels of the Coliseum where they came face-to-face with some mousy looking man of about 50. Surrounded by more "men in black" this individual claimed to be the mouthpiece of authority for the Coliseum. When the ROC Crew inquired about distributing the paper he cast his beady eyes upon the cover of THE ROC for a micro-second and exclaimed, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

ROC editor John Woods seeing a no-win situation developing had only one question to direct at this individual. "HOW CAN YOU NOT SUPPORT THIS WHEN YOU PULL IN MILLIONS FROM ROCK & ROLL?" Not waiting for an answer the ROC Crew made their exit. They were kept under close observation by the "men in black" until their car exited the Coliseum parking lot.

These are the ticks who are growing fat from sucking the blood from our music. We hope you will remember this the next time you dish out your cold cash for tickets at the Cleveland Coliseum. We also hope that the major bands who are opposed to censorship will keep this in mind before playing in such a "corporate wasteland" like the Coliseum. We find it ironic that just three days after this incident JUDAS PRIEST played the Coliseum. In light of the recent hard lesson in reality they were recently subjected to, we wonder what opinions they would have about the behind the scene attitudes of Coliseum officials.

We can not expect anything more from these corporate leeches at the Cleveland Coliseum because afterall, THEY'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY!

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