Rock & Roll stood on its feet and got ready to fight in an historic meeting held on January 14th at Slim's, Boz Scagg's San Francisco nightclub. Organized by ROCK & ROLL CONFIDENTIAL and James Bernard of SOURCE MAGAZINE, over 60 people specific, practical plans to the Bay Area in a hotbed of anti-censorship and pro-music activity.

Who was there? DJs from commercial, college, and community radio stations; musicians; writers from daily, alternative and trade papers; rock photographers; representatives of Black Rock Coalition and GRIP (Group for Rap Industry Protection); teachers and students; teens and senior citizens; fans of rap and metal and everything in between.

Three courses of action were decided upon: 1) A weeklong "sweep" in which every single person in the Bay will get the anti-censorship message, activities will include presence at every concert in the Bay Area that week, a teach-in, and coordinated print, radio and TV outreach. 2) Research of the pro or anti-censorship voting record of every politician in the Bay Area. 3) Introduction of a resolution into the state legislature that asserts the value and beauty of Rock & Roll in all its forms, from Rap to Metal to Acoustic.

Messages of solidarity were read at the meeting from ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP of Ohio, the GREATER KANSAS CITY COALITION AGAINST CENSORSHIP, and Pennsylvania's FREE MUSIC COALITION. In turn, our group in San Francisco, which has adopted the name of MUSIC FREEDOM ACTION NETWORK (MUSIC FAN) extends its hand to everyone in America who is fighting music censorship. Together, we can return America to majority rule. You can contact MUSIC FAN by calling James Bernard at: (415) 626-7616.

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