By: Kirby Stokes

Raaaa! What a gig. Portents were in the air as Syria Mosque security had a very difficult time "controlling" the pit. Despite appeals from the Mosque personnel not to "trash" the place (which no damage was done) the pit was no place for the meek or faint hearted. Thus, the scene was set for the total obviation of Pittsburgh on February 6th by the brutal onslaught of the SLAYER/TESTAMENT TOUR.

TESTAMENT took the stage and drew first blood led by the imposing figure of Chuck Billy, frontman par excellence. They plowed through a 60 minute set with such classics as "Disciples of the Watch," "Trial By Fire," and "Raging Waters." Overall a great set with Billy roaring and stomping all over the stage. The rest of the band is "so-so." Alex Skolnick, is in my opinion, an over-rated guitarist. All in all a great adrenalin booster.

At 9:00 pm the almighty SLAYER hit the stage to a complete frenzy abdicating any doubts who the premier metal act around might be. Opening with "Raining Blood" from Reign in Blood, SLAYER roared through a painfully loud set which included most of SEASONS IN THE ABYSS, (boos for not doing anything from HELL AWAITS) Highlights included "Die By The Sword," "War Ensemble," "Chemical Warfare" and "Mandatory Suicide," that included a statement from Tom about the current "fucked-up Middle East situation." Besides the music, the lights and effects were excellent. But the star, (if I had to pick one) was Dave Lombardo, the drum machine. (Lars, Who?) They returned for two encores "South of Heaven" and with the crowd screaming along, "Angel of Death" which brought the house down.

Sincere thanks to DEF AMERICAN for the passes. No thanks to Bob Larson, Fuck-Off!!!

Kirby "Necrophiliac" Stokes


A big thank you goes out to Heidi and Jennifer at DEF AMERICAN RECORDINGS for the tickets and stage passes they made available for R.O.C. at the SLAYER/TESTAMENT show in Pittsburgh on February 6th. Despite Bob Larson's opinion of a live SLAYER show, the ROC crew's evening in the Abyss was a night to remember. Thanks Def American, we love you all.

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