By: Mike Heck


First up, former ANGRY SAMOAN/VOX POP/POWER TRIP vocal God and bassist Jeff Dahl, has released a great first solo album, titled, "I Kill Me." Featured on the album are "Cheetah Chrome" of the "DEAD BOYS," the "LAZY COWGIRLS" and the "ANGRY SAMOANS." The music is pure, jacked-up rock n' roll, large on fun, high on energy and devoid of pretense. Jeff has been described by the L.A. Weekly as "...a confirmed worshipper at the Church of Raw Power."

Speaking of the "ANGRY SAMOANS," the gurus of grunge, have quite a few beautiful releases themselves. Number One: "LIVE AT RHINO RECORDS." which is live SAMOANS from the late 70's. Cool. Number Two: "LIVE FROM SAMOA." An excellent raw live set recorded in N.Y.C. (1981) on side 1. Side 2 features rare and some unreleased songs. (Kill for this). And last but not least, the glorious "D IS FOR DEAD" EP. Also the early catalog, re-re-released on Triple X Records. I command you to buy this now!...AND YOU TOO!


The "WHAT A DRAG" department is sad to report that Bay Area thrashers DEATH ANGEL were, on the day of Nov. 28th, involved in a serious accident. The band's bus overturned and skidded 175 feet across the highway. A window where drummer ANDY GALEON was sleeping, smashed, leaving his head exposed against the pavement. With the bus overturning, some of the band's equipment fell on top of ANDY. After the bus came to a rest, road crew & band removed him and he was transported by helicopter to Valley Hospital in Las Vegas. After hours of surgery, ANDY sustained the operation with cosmetic injuries. He is now recovering at home in San Francisco. Lead vocalist MARK OSEGUEDA lost part of one of his toes, the rest of the band survived without injury. Here's hoping ANDY has a quick recovery!....


On a positive note, there was a benefit held at The Omni in San Francisco. Some surprising guests showed up for this event. FORBIDDEN's manager DEBBIE ABONO, had the idea of FORBIDDEN playing a benefit for ANDY. Word spread and soon more thrashers devoted their presence. The show included CHRIS POLAND (former MEGADETH), FORBIDDEN, DIFIANCE, BACCHUS. D.A. members MARK OSEGUEDA and DENNIS PEPA performed their "Room With A View" and more. METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT with HEATHEN's LEE ALTUS, DAVE WHITE and DARREN MINTER formed a band for the benefit called...DICKY BUMPS...Ha, Ha, Hummmm...Their set included AC/DC's "SIN CITY," MOTORHEAD's "WE ARE THE ROAD CREW," and "LOVE ME LIKE A REPTILE," and a reggae version of BLACK SABBATH's "PARANOID," They ended the show with "WHIPLASH" painfully. 6000 smakaroos was raised to help pay ANDY's medical expenses with a huge get well card signed by everyone at the show! Great! Get well soon ANDY, from everyone at R.O.C.

Welsh band "TREDEGAR," which features original "BUDGIE" men, the immaculate skin bashing of Ray Phillips and truly God-like stun guitar of TONY BOURGE have re-released their self-titled "TREDEGAR" album once again. But what's this, the re-issue contains an unreleased BUDGIE song titled "SABREE DANCE." This alone makes it worth its weight in gold! Demand that your record store get it in now!!


Speaking of "BUDGIE," the immortal power Gods have presented you yet another chance (even though you don't deserve one) to hear the best errect-hard & heavy rock ever committed to vinyl. A German company has issued the first five MCA releases. Each one a gem. As follows: BUDGIE (71), SQUAWK (72), NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A FRIEND (73), IN FOR THE KILL (74), BANDOLIER (75) and BEST OF (Jap.) A while back I spoke with Ray Phillips and Tony Bourge from BUDGIE and you can expect an interview and a tribute write up in future issues! With METALLICA covering two BUDGIE songs so far, I wonder where they stole some of their riffs...confess now! BUDGIE deserves all the praise...THE BEST!!...


N.Y.C.'s CRO-MAGS have called it quits...But don't give up. Head cave man HARLEY FLANEGAN promises the last rock hasn't been crushed..... Crunch hounds "METALLICA," will inject their new LP into your bloodstream sometime in April. While zipper lipped KIRK HAMMETT would not reveal the title of the new METALLICA chapter, he did say the new songs would be "shorter and more to the point." Get it, got it, good. KILL 'EM ALL!


ON GLORIOUS DAY, the new MOTORHEAD will be unleashed on the public's brain Feb. 25th. The LP tentatively titled "1916" is a concept about events in World War I. Expect a well covered tour of the U.S. since LEMOLA & PHILTHY "Animal" TAYLOR now reside in L.A. OZZY OSBOURNE is collaborating on material with LEMMY, so anything can happen. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


JIMI HENDRIX will rise from the dead once again in the form of a book written by former JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE drummer MITCH MITCHEL. An almost day to day account of Hendrix's last 3-1/2 years on planet earth. He will stick around just a bit longer, not necessarily stoned, but beautifully etched in tape on the release of "LIFE LINES." This features rare 2nd takes, unreleased, live & interviews from the people who knew him best. A definite must have for HENDRIX disciples...Strobe lights on...THE DOORS...Yes it is...THE DOORS movie will hit theaters March 1st. The movie chronicles the existence of THE DOORS mysterious years together as a band. PEYOTE BUTTONS WILL BE SOLD TO THE FIRST 50 LUCKY PEOPLE!


Former DEAD KENNEDYS main brain JELLO BIAFRA informed me during an interview that he's busy with many projects of late, which include a new creation entitled "TUMOR CIRCUS" which will be released soon. JELLO is also slated to star in a movie, titled "TERMINAL CITY RICOCHET." A film about the chilling future of society...

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