By: R. Pagan

At first glance, one might think the "new age" people and the rockers are miles apart and "never the twain shall meet." Actually, not only do these two subcultures share a number of primary characteristics (love of freedom, acceptance of diversity, etc.) but they in fact share the VERY SAME DETRACTORS as well!

The Rock & Roll/metal/punk/rap fans and New Age/pagan/POLYTHEISTIC folks are under attack by precisely the same reactionary forces in this society who WON'T BE SATISFIED until we all live under one Fundamentalist Christian theocracy--and no questions asked! And if you think this is all a bunch of pagan paranoia caused by an overdose of drums or something, please check out THE FACTS in Bobby Lilly's MILLENIAL CHURCH article on Pg. 2 for how some of these HIGHLY ORGANIZED and WELL-MONIED elements are arraying "for the kill."

For over a year now in the pages of THE ROC John Woods has been calling for rockers, rap fans, metal heads, punks, etc. to put aside their superficial differences and start ORGANIZING to FIGHT BACK. Well, consider THIS a call to that ever-growing community of people that so often gets categorized under that moniker-that-makes-so-many-of-us-wince ("new age")--all the pagans, wicca folks, thelemites, psychic youth--polytheists all!--to put aside our secondary differences with each other, as well as with OTHER targeted subcultures, and start organizing to FIGHT BACK as well. TERRANCE McKENNA has observed that unlike various European countries, "in the U.S., heavy metal punks and New Age types are poles apart and not likely to be aware of each others' agenda or defend each other's right to non-conformity." We need an Underground United Front!

Police departments and public schools across the U.S. are increasingly, regularly being supplied with disinformation on Paganism, "New Age," and other pantheistic and polytheistic paths, linking them with "satanism," "cult activity," etc. This disinformation is almost always filtered through Fundamentalist sources (and hence, highly dubious). Christian radio broadcasters have also taken to blasting the individuals on alternative paths, while PAT ROBERTSON outright sees "the New Age Movement" as his MAIN competing ideology/theology as we approach the year 2000. The Great Struggle, says Pat, will be between those who acknowledge the right of individual choice to tread any number of "paths" (i.e., "New Agers" to "secular humanists") versus those following Pat's narrow, patriarchal, white bread, grinning idiot path. Why, if these characters took similar broadside swipes against any other social minority there'd be HELL to pay! The Pagan and New Age communities are apparently, like the Rock & Roll youths, FAIR GAME for these creeps. Brothers and Sisters! It's time to start building some POLITICAL MUSCLE, gang!

More next issue. Write me. See ya then!

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