Publishing a nationally distributed anti-censorship paper is easier said than done. Whereas the PMRC has huge $$$ backers (like the fascist Coors Beer interest) publishing THE ROC means scraping together whatever we can by selling subs, hawking the paper at concerts and rallies, selling our ROC t-shirts, receiving a smattering of ad revenues and most of time contributing out of our own pockets. Incidentally, all labor is donated by the staff.

Our first attempt at a R.O.C. benefit took place at FLASH's in Cleveland on Dec 22nd. Bands donating their services included: RIPPED, ABASINATION, PROCREATION, ADVOCATE, ENVIRONMENTAL HAZZARD and ORGANIC RAGE. The bands were excellent and a great time was had by one & all.

Despite a great turnout, cost from and related to the show brought our take down to $500 (which mostly paid for a telephone bill ran up networking with other anti-censorship groups around the country; the day to day business of the R.O.C. group costs $$$$ as well).

We want to thank all the bands that played, the people who came out and hope to do another benefit event in the near future. In the meantime, interested parties can keep R.O.C. and THE ROC alive and growing by buying subs and T-shirts for yourself and friends, sending random donations of $$$, buying ad space in THE ROC, donating a fax machine or an IBM computer with modem...and the list goes on.

Incidentally, is there anyone out there familiar with any foundations funding freedom-of-expression groups like R.O.C.? If so, please get in contact.

Meanwhile THE ROC continues to expand in circulation and number of pages, with R.O.C. chapters now in 4 other states.

See you next issue and drop us a line on (anti) censorship-related activity in your town.


The Staff

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