Skeleton announced the release of its latest studio effort "REQUIEM". Originally slated to be the band's second EP, plans to proceed with the independent release were scrapped because of major label interest.

SKELETON has been performing to sell out audiences throughout Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. The band has been selected in support of national acts SLAYER, EXODUS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, and SACRED REICH, as well as selling out local clubs itself as a headliner. The band built up a world-wide following through consistent rave press reviews of their first EP "NEVER SLOW DOWN" which sold over 3000 copies through the mail alone. "REQUIEM" will also be for sale at P.O. Box 3598, Arlington, VA 22203 for $5 + $2 shipping.

SKELETON's plans in the near future include, touring in support of "REQUIEM." The band is on the verge of breaking the barrier between the ever powerful underground and world recognition. Look for them to be "popping up" in all facets of the metal empire in the very near future.

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