By: John Woods

Welcome to CROSSFIRE! CROSSFIRE is a new segment of THE ROC where we will put one (who is not a friend of the anti censorship movement) in the crossfire each issue.

We intend to feature all of the leaders of the movement to silence free speech and expression. If you have some local yokel in your town trying to infringe on your rights to Rock & Roll, let us know what they are up too, and we'll place them where they belong, right here between the crosshairs!

With this first installment of CROSSFIRE, we want to say goodbye to one of Rock and Metals biggest enemies. This "lady" was one of the first to introduce legislation requiring state mandated warning labels on albums. We are speaking of none other than EX-Missouri State Representative JEAN DIXON.

Dixon, 42, and a fan of only Christian music was defeated in the August 7th Missouri Republican primary. Even though we can expect Dixon to continue her attacks on our music as a private citizen, we are pleased that this fascist up-start is no longer in any official governmental body where she can introduce censorship laws. Dixon was perhaps best known for her view that equated Rock & Roll with the occult. "Rebellion is like witchcraft," Dixon says. "That's what it is, it's like witchcraft."

Dixon was a big fan of PMRC topdog TIPPER GORE, but she has also shared the bed with such nuts as Shirley Marvin and Rev. Shane Westhoelter. Marvin and Westhoelter were founders of MISSOURI PROJECT ROCK, an anti-rock group from Imperial, Missouri. Marvin was a lobbyist for the ultra-right wing Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum. Westhoelter, along with attacking music also expounds the anti-semitic theories of the Nazi like ILLUMINATI. He also refers to Dr.King as Martin "Lucifer" King. This is the company that Jean Dixon and Tipper Gore keep.

In regards to the recent cave-in by the recording industry with voluntary warning labels, Dixon had this to say. "If they don't comply I can guarantee you there will be legislation in fifty states next year." This may be true, but at least JEAN will not introduce any in Missouri. We use the case of JEAN DIXON as a WARNING to all you other politicians who want to silence free speech and expression. In the words of 2 LIVE CREW, "WISEN UP CAUSE ON ELECTION DAY, WE'LL SEE WHO'S BANNED IN THE USA!"

Farewell Jean, you will not be missed.

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