It's a long-felt notion on the part of ROC'ers that keeping free expression in the U.S. alive depends largely upon the extent to which the musical and arts communities seize control over their own, proverbial "means of production."

This "D.I.Y." (Do It Yourself) spirit found a strong expression in the "Punk" music and arts movement of the early-to-mid 80's, with rockers founding their own, independent record labels while "performance" and other "avant-garde" artists established Artists-run "spaces," outside the corporate museum/gallery system. All this "indie" energy breathed new life into the stale rock and art scenes as we knew it in the late 70's.

This "Do It Yourself" spirit is at the heart of today's Cyberpunk. "Cyber" is in fact derived from the Latin "to steer." As High Technology becomes increasingly accessible to artists (from Desktop Publishing to video & pirate TV), we begin seizing control over our individual "means of production," and hence over our own lives and work, as artists and as workers.

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