By: The ROC Posse

(Kent, Ohio) The R.O.C. posse staked out Kent State University on October 16th to "greet" Jack "Batman" Thompson, the Florida lawyer who led the campaign to bust 2 Live Crew, faxing out the band's lyrics to prosecutors, media, etc. for months leading up to their arrest last summer (for a complete dossier on this mug, see "What Jerks Jack Off?," in THE ROC #3.

We're sorry to report that Jack is originally from R.O.C.'s home base of Ohio. In fact, we understand Jack's uncle was overheard by a Kent student making various racial slurs, etc. in the hall outside the debate. A chip off the old family block, Jack?

Unlike other campuses during this debate tour (between Jack and former DOORS manager Bill Siddons, or when the money is "right" SPIN MAGAZINE editor Bob Guccione, Jr.) where the students' knowledge of Jack and his dubious history may be spotty, the audience this night was supplied with the Thompson dossier in THE ROC #3. They were able to ask old Jack pertinent questions concerning his mental stability being questioned by the Florida Bar Association (twice!), his true political (i.e., racist and opportunistic) motivations, etc. In fact, in answering one query Jack uttered what was probably his strangest line of the night: "I'm the only attorney of the Florida Bar who's a Born Again Christian, that means I'm the only sane attorney in the state!" As our friends at Rock & Roll Confidential would sing; "Hit The Road Jack And Don't You Come Back No More, No More, No More..."

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