ROC'ers Randy & Mala recently caught the great RAMONES, DEBORAH HARRY, TOM-TOM CLUB tour when it splashed down in Cleveland. The concert was great and JOEY RAMONE's urging the congregation to "FIGHT THE PMRC" made it even greater!...

Wow, it's the middle of summer, and what do we have to look forward to? Here at THE ROC, we are patiently waiting for the new release from SLAYER. And according to an interview with TOM ARAYA in the September issue of METAL MANIACS, the new album promises to be worth the wait. With nine songs complete, the new release tentatively titled SEASONS IN THE ABYSS will be the "speedmasters" newest release since SOUTH OF HEAVEN, two years ago.

And while you're checking out new material, don't pass by the new gem from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES titled LIGHTS, CAMERA, REVOLUTION. We especially like the message to our "favorite lady" Tipper Gore. It's La La La Lovely. Don't miss the cut about all those "preaching crooks in collars" titled SEND ME YOUR MONEY. This album kicks ass from track 1 through 10. SACRED REICH's new album, THE AMERICAN WAY is also well worth checking out.

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