Beginning with this issue of THE ROC we are not just aiming at an Ohio readership. We will continue to organize and be active in Ohio, but this newsletter will now be open for national input.

ROC'ers from all around the U.S. have shown interest in THE ROC. In fact, issue #2 went out to ROC'ers in 25 states and England. By steering THE ROC in the direction of a national publication will enable us to bring you more news on the battle against censorship. Furthermore, we hope it will enable us to expand the newsletter and perhaps begin monthly publication. We plan to do just this, if the response and $upport is there.

So all of you Ohio ROC'ers keep reading, writing for, and supporting THE ROC. We are still here fighting on the homefront. But, we now want to hear from all you ROC'ers from all across America. Make THE ROC your voice against the attempts to silence our right of free speech and expression!

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