Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer has vetoed a bill that would have made Louisiana the first state to mandate warning labels on albums. Roemer stated that he felt the law would infringe on First Amendment rights. We salute Governor Roemer for his stand. Had the bill became law, we surely could expect to see Pennsylvania, Missouri and a host of other states to reintroduce their versions of the law. This may be the case anyway, but we hope this defeat will discourage them for the time being. SORRY TIP, YOU LOST AGAIN!


British heavy metal band JUDAS PRIEST went on trial in Reno, Nevada, accused of causing two boys to commit suicide because of hidden subliminal messages in a song from the 1978 STAINED CLASS album. Claiming that James Vance and Ray Belknap shot themselves after listening to the song BETTER BY YOU, BETTER THAN ME, lawyers will attempt to prove that the message "DO IT, DO IT" is hidden in the song. They intend to trot in a number of "audio experts" including Reno psychologist Wilson Keys. Keys is the author of 4 books on subliminal messages and is the same person who has claimed that hidden demonic symbols can be found in the beard of Abe Lincoln on a five dollar bill. Keys claims that within the album cover of STAINED CLASS, one can find "sex organs and demonic faces." THE ROC views this as just one more attack on our music by some nuts. We believe that the family, with the coaching of some slick lawyer and perhaps some PMRC influence, has devised a way to cop some fast bucks at JUDAS PRIEST's expense. It should be pointed out that both boys had a long history of drug & alcohol abuse and anti-social behavior long before they even heard of JUDAS PRIEST. They were primed for suicide. Despite this, we agree with Frank Zappa who views this trial as, "an important very basic Constitutional issue."

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