Yes people, ROC is on the ROLL in Ohio. We want to thank all of you, not only in Ohio, but across the U.S. as well who made ROC #1 a huge success. We especially thank all of you who invested in ROC with subscriptions and other donations. It is great to know that so many of you want to have a hand in thrusting a stake through the heart of censorship. And a few of you had suggestions concerning thrusting it elsewhere in regards to the DC "ladies" of the PMRC.

We want to send our special thanks to all of our friends at ROCK & ROLL CONFIDENTIAL for their help and support. The "plug" in your May issue was great and we have made many contacts from it. Our thanks goes to NO MORE CENSORSHIP for all of the info and encouragement they sent us. In Ohio, we send our thanks to the staff of U.S. ROCKER, THE PATROL and AT THE SPEED OF SOUND for their support, and to our friends at WVBC-RADIO at Bethany College. And perhaps oddly enough we thank John Baker and Larry Mitchell of FRONTLINE MINISTRIES (a fundamentalist Christian anti-rock hate group) who really made all of this possible. Had we not attended one of your seminars and seen first-hand your presentation on Rock Music & Satanism, perhaps ROC would have never been. We saw the light, and you opened our eyes, and we saw just how ridiculous those who do TIPPER GORE's dirty work, all in the name of God, can be. BLESS YOU BROTHERS!

On April 22nd, ROC took part in the EARTH DAY activities held in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Staff member Randy Payton was one of the E.D. organizers. A table was given to ROC where we distributed our newsletter and gathered 60 signatures on the SOUND OFF petition from MUSICIANS MAGAZINE.

On May 4th, ROC staff went to the campus of KENT STATE UNIVERSITY for the memorial services in honor of the 4 students murdered by James Rhodes and the Ohio National Guard in 1970. Following the dedication of the monument, ROC set up an information table in the Student Union. Here, we handed out hundreds of ROC flyers, THE ROC newsletter, sold several copies of the RRC pamphlet YOU'VE GOT A RIGHT TO ROCK and gathered 125 signatures on the petition. We also made contact with members of three bands who volunteered on-the-spot to play at a ROC benefit.

Just now ROC has 8 Ohio bands who have volunteered to play at a benefit. We are working hard on getting the first one set up. We have everything from Rock-a-Billy to Hard Core Punk to Thrashing Metal. It is our desire to tour around Ohio this summer with a few of these bands. Anyone wanting us to perhaps bring a ROC Benefit to their area should call John Woods at (740) 946-2011. Any bands who want to play against censorship should contact us also. You should have information on possible places we could play. If you are an owner/manager of a club or bar that has live bands, please consider the use of your facility for a ROC benefit.

On May 6th, members of ROC picketed the presentation of Frontline Ministries held at Conotton Valley High School in Leesville, Ohio. We were protesting the content of the presentation which claims that all music is influenced by Satan. ROC plans to dog these anti-music fundamentalists every chance we get. If you hear of them being in your area, let us know.

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