By: John Woods

"More direct criticism of Rock & Roll came from the Catholic Church, which damned it from pulpits all across the nation. In Chicago, Samuel Cardinal Stritch offered a Lenton message which should have given Dr. McLuhan a feast for thought. He said, "A throwback to tribalism cannot be tolerated for Catholic youth." And in Boston, the Very Reverend John P. Carroll made no bones about the state of the "fad" Alan Freed nurtured. "Rock & Roll inflames and excites the youth like the jungle tom-toms readying the warrior for battle," he said. "Inject a wrong word or misunderstanding and the whole place blows up. The suggestive lyrics on Rock & Roll records, of course are a matter for the Law Enforcement agencies..."

Do the above statements sound like something you may have just heard on TV, or perhaps it was in some PMRC propaganda you happened to see. Some of you may be surprised to learn that all of the above statements were made over 30 years ago, circa 1957, when Rock & Roll was still in its young and innocent stages. You see, the attacks on music today are nothing new, only some of the terminology has been changed. Tribalism has now been replaced with Satanism, and instead of the kids being inflamed and excited by tom-toms, we are now told that drugs and a little sex have the same desired effect. You know, I bet some of the people leading the attacks on music today were the kids of the 50's who these statements were directed at. I wonder how many of them can tell us that they didn't do a little SHO-BOP-DE-BOP Rock & Roll back then?

Rock & Roll as you can see has, since its birth been under the gun of every moralist crusader to come down the pike. Then, as today it is singled out and scapegoated as the one thing which leads the youth down the merry road to hell. It's the same old song, only today, the tempo of hysteria has been intensified. Today, the anti-music, pro-censorship forces have created such a frenzy, I bet it's just about all that TIPPER GORE and her gang of "Congressional Wives" can do just to keep themselves in fresh unmoistened panties. Just like old Adolph (Hitler and Coors) they have to find an outlet for all of this pent-up sexual frustration. In the case of Hitler, he destroyed half the world and killed millions due to his hang-ups. As for Gore and her sexually repressed friends, a total wipe-out of Rock, Rap and Metal music will deliver that desperately needed orgasmic high.

It's time for organized fighting back. We in the anti-censorship forces must prepare to do hard battle with the PMRC and their fundamentalist pals of the "lunatic fringe religious right."

We of R.O.C. submit the following as a suggested 3-POINT BATTLE PLAN. Those points being, 1) ATTACK, 2) ATTACK and 3) ATTACK. Very direct, right to the point and no chance for misinterpretation of our intent, don't you think?

In our first Press Release back in February we stated that R.O.C. DECLARED WAR AGAINST ALL MUSIC CENSORSHIP. This statement was not made lightly, it should be taken in its exact context. When confronting the PMRC or whoever else falls out of the can of mixed-nuts, we have no intentions of being polite or fair. Nor, do we intend to sit down and calmly debate the pros and cons of the censorship issue with them. People, this is a war, and one in which all of us have our rights and freedoms at stake in. We must fight hard and take no prisoners.

As for strategy, we should use whatever strategy fits the particular situation, and develop tactics to meet each new challenge. We should not shy away from using militant mass action in order to make our point.

Our newsletter, THE ROC, must become an educational and organizing tool. We on the staff must guard against viewing the censorship issue only as journalists. It is our duty to insure that the newsletter helps to build the forces that will bring the hammer down and deliver the final death blow to censorship. Yes, our job is one of organizing the "frontline troops" for the Censorship Wars. These troops will come from the stages and floors of every arena, club, bar and sleazy rock dive in Ohio where the music is being formulated and generated from. That's where R.O.C. should be developing its programs and strategies against censorship from. We must put our trust and the ammo in the hands of ROCKERS, RAPPERS, PUNKS and METALHEADS. From them, will come our power and strength.

If this sounds like a position statement, then I guess I made my point. In closing let me share with you a quote I found. I was kind of surprised when I saw that it was made by Malcolm Forbes. It was made in regards to Pepsi being pressured by fundamentalist Donald Wildmon concerning the Madonna video in their ads. I feel it sums up what our whole outlook should be when dealing with the censors. If you ROC'ers of Ohio feel the same, let us hear from you.


I'm John Woods for R.O.C. and that's where I stand. ROC'ers of Ohio, WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Your rights are under attack. Time to start fighting back!

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