By: John Woods

Despite the claims from groups like the PMRC that they are not advocating or encouraging censorship of music, in Florida we can see what is in store for any artists musicians who produce "questionable" material. Behind the PMRC's facade of "only wanting warning stickers" awaits the cold reality of censorship. Burn the records today, tomorrow these "guardians of morality" will have something new to protect you and me from.

Even though the album, AS NASTY AS THEY WANNA BE, by Florida rap group 2 LIVE CREW bears a "warning label," a Lee County Judge has taken it upon himself to single out this album as "obscene." He has issued an order instructing all music outlets to remove 2 LIVE CREW's material from their shelves. To enforce this order, last week Sheriff's Deputies were sent on raids to over 12 music outlets. SEIG HEIL!

This is not the first time the CREW has been targeted for attack. A few weeks ago, Jack Thompson, a Dade County attorney conducted his own private little sting operation against several music outlets. Thompson got a 16-year old kid to go into a number of outlets and attempt to purchase the "stickered" adult version of 2 LIVE CREW's single, "ME SO HORNY". The outlets that sold the single to the kid were then charged under an obscure and seldom used Florida law concerning obscenity. R.O.C. has learned that now after much controversy even the kid used in this operation has withdrawn his complaint and disassociates himself with the whole thing.

But the best is yet to come. Florida Governor Bob Martinez has now stuck his nose into the issue and asked that SKYWALKER RECORDS (2 LIVE CREW's label) be investigated and charged under the Child Protection and Obscenity Act and possibly under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, better known as RICO. Things are getting hot in Deutschland, oops, I mean Florida.

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