*Good News! We have just learned that the album stickering laws have been SHOT-DOWN in two states. The proposed laws have failed in West Virginia and Maryland. We know news like this really makes Mrs. Gore's day. The West Virginia proposal only got two votes from the 24 member committee considering it. It's a little early to break out the bubbly, but this is a major victory for the anti-censorship forces. In late March-early April hearings will begin on similar laws in Missouri, Tennessee (the Gore's home state) and Delaware.

*If the PMRC and similar groups have their way, being raised on Rock & Roll may be a thing of the past. The Hastings Record chain, based in Amarillo, Texas have begun labeling albums in their stores with stickers reading "18-AND-OVER" and they are refusing to sell stickered albums to minors. A memorandum sent from the main office to all 130 stores demanded that certain "blacklisted" albums bear the Green Sticker. Included in the "blacklist" are albums by THE DEAD KENNEDYS, 2 LIVE CREW, SLAYER, and NWA. The chain reports that the "blacklist" will continuously be updated. In related news, the WAXWORKS Record chain has announced that their stores will totally discontinue any albums that require warning stickers or contain "questionable material." According to the March 19, 1990 issue of NEWSWEEK, the Kentucky based DISC JOCKEY record chain which operates 121 outlets will also no longer carry albums that require warning labels.

*Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma have bills introduced that will forbid the playing of any "questionable songs" at all live concerts. The laws are so designed that not only will the band playing the material be charged, but the promoters of the show will also face charges. Can this be a PMRC attempt to discourage local promoters from booking Rock, Rap and Metal acts? You decide!

*Seniors at the Harmony Grove High School located in Arkansas decided to have an instrumental version of Skid Row's I REMEMBER YOU played as they marched down the aisle for their 1990 Graduation. But one fundamentalist fanatic wants no part of it. Cheerleader and Student Council President Jennifer Miller claims that she is being "forced" to listen to Rock music, which is forbidden by her Baptist beliefs. She claims she will not attend the Graduation if the Skid's music is played. According to School Principal Bill Gibbs, the vote to play the Skid's song passed by an overwhelming vote. He claims if Miller does not participate in the march down the aisle, she will be barred from the entire Graduation exercise. We at R.O.C. say, "that's right, let her stay home." We hope the kids and the administration of this school do not cave in to the fundamentalist whining of this individual. Once again we have one religious fanatic making the simple things in life a "pure-hell" for the rest of us.

*And while we're on the subject of "religious fanatics," here in Ohio there is a group called FRONTLINE MINISTRIES from Bloomington, Indiana slinking around from town to town doing a presentation on ROCK MUSIC-DRUGS-& SATANISM. Be on the look out for these guys. They are one of those groups mentioned in the PMRC UPDATE article on page 4 and 5 that is out there doing the "dirty-work" for TIPPER GORE and the PMRC. Their presentation claims that ALL music is controlled and instrumented by SATAN. But of course they only attack ROCK-RAP-&-METAL. If they come to your town, they are in most cases sponsored by a local Church group. In most cases they advertise in the local press a few days prior to the event. Their presentation goes on for two evenings. The first evening is devoted to attacking music and the second evening is devoted to Old Beelzebub himself. We suggest you attend and see just what is being said about your music. We also suggest you let them know how you feel about their show. If they come to your town, please let us at ROC know, since we are mapping them in Ohio. The next issue will have an in-depth article about them.



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