3-16-90: Dear R.O.C.,

YES! I want to very much take part in this anti-censorship project. Even though I'm 22 and almost a college graduate, I still listen to metal and strongly believe that anyone who likes any form of music has a right to buy it and listen to it. I refuse to succumb to the demands of any parental-action group, government-sponsored or otherwise, which thinks that children should not be allowed to confront the Real World, and that wants to club all artists into submission with what they call "traditional American values." Somewhere along the line, their values got a little twisted.

I believe the real cause of drug abuse, cults, suicide, and whatever else the PMRC blames on metal, is ineffective parenting. If parents are willing, or even able, to accept full responsibility for raising their children, the kids will grow up well-adjusted, and music (or anything else) will have no adverse effect on them. The lyrics to Metallica's "DYERS EVE" perfectly illustrate a worst-case scenario: if you shelter and stifle a child he/she won't be able to cope with adult life. Sadly, most parents don't accept the responsibility, and when something goes wrong, they look for a scapegoat. And metal has been one of the prime scapegoats ever since Black Sabbath. Well, it has to stop! Otherwise our country will end up as some nightmarish parody of good ol' Nazi Germany, with some ultra-conservative preacher at the helm, giving all who aren't "born-again" the Treblinka treatment. I don't need to be "born again"; my parents got it right the first time.

Please send me more info on how we can show these wolves-in-Senators'-wives'-clothing exactly what we think of their crummy five-year plan. Thanks very much. METAL RULES, PMRC DROOLS!

E.D. Shoemaker
Canton, Ohio

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