Thank you again for volunteering to handle maintaining the links on one of our band pages of our Music Linkbase.

What this work will entail is simply keeping this page as current and as thorough as possible. Our goal is to have a link to every page on the WWW that is devoted to the bands we feature within the linkbase. Every change made to our existing page must be documented to allow us to more easily manage everything. We do not need this documentation for the sites as they currently exist on our page, only ones that must be added, modified, or deleted. For every change on our linkbase, we need the following information:

1. Action type (Add, Modify, or Delete)
2. Band Name
3. Site Title (as it appears on the title bar of the browser when you are on the site, or as it appears when you bookmark it).
4. Full URL of the site
5. Name of the Site Administrator, if you can find one (leave blank if none can be found)
6. Contact E-Mail address for Site Administrator (very important)

If no e-mail address can be found on the site, then check for a guestbook or any other form on the site. Go to that page and let the page fully download. Once the page is on your system, click on View Document Source on your browser and scan through their source code for a "Send To:" e-mail address. Sometimes you will find one, sometimes you will not. If you do, use that address as our Contact E-Mail address for Site Administrator. If you do not, and they do have some kind of form reply available, then instead of listing an e-mail address, simply use the words "ON SITE" as the Contact E-Mail address.

If you see no forms on the site, then attempt to go back to the root page for that site. For example, if you are on a site with a URL such as, then try going to and see if an e-mail address can be found there. If none can be found and no forms are present there, then go back to and see if you can find one there. Please note that if the site does not have its own domain name then the final root URL (in this case, will be the URL for the ISP housing the site. We do not want these e-mail addresses as the ISP would not be pleased with their inbox getting messages for their customers. So only go to the final root of the URL when you can tell that it is a customized domain name rather than the location of the ISP.

If after all this, you still find no contact address, then simply use the words "NONE FOUND" as the Contact E-Mail address.

On any changes falling under the Modify action type, meaning something from our existing Linkbase page has changed (for example a site has moved to a new URL), we must ask you to supply us with the old information followed by the new information as listed above, noting the changes.

It is easiest for you to document this information as you arrive at the site on a log sheet that you have at your terminal where you can write it all down, or if you have a place on your system to open another window and type this information in while you browse. We ask that you refrain from sending individual site documentation to us, and instead submit all information from a full page update all at once in one e-mail for us to update our master database file.

Probably the best sequence to handle an update would be as follows:

1. Go through each link already on the page, making sure the URL's are still valid and documenting modifications or deletes.

2. We will periodically send you requests for links or updates for links as sent to us by the site administrators. After step #1 above, you should then make any additions or modifications to the page based on what we have sent you for your band. 3. You can perform searches on search engines to find additional sites pertaining to your band or you can go onto the sites we already have to search for additional links among the links sections on these sites. Please be absolutely sure to avoid duplicating URL's with already existing links by visually scanning our source code to make sure the URL you have found is not already on our page, perhaps under a different site title as site owners often change their titles, but the URLs stay the same. Also, when adding any URL's that you may find, please be sure to link to the main page of the site for your band and not to any of the sub-pages for that site. We currently have links on some of our band pages that go to the occasional sub-page in addition to the main page of a site, but we ask that you not add any sub-pages in this manner and just leave the ones we have as they are.

After, or while putting together all this information for each site, we ask that you also handle the actual HTML updates needed to coincide with your update information. This includes saving our page to your system, deleting out expired links, updating URL's for modified links, and adding URL's for new links. When adding new links, please be sure to insert the new links in alphabetical order by site title among the other links.

The last thing we need you to do when updating the HTML coding is as follows: 1. Find the line or section of coding near the top of the page that will be very similar to the coding below

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We cannot have your updates leaving this section as is because our CGI randomly places certain ad slots within the coding on each page. If we leave this section of coding as is, the same ads will always appear every time the page is accessed. So everything between the CENTER commands must be removed and replaced with the coding below. You can do this by simply copying and pasting the correct coding in place of the section above. The correct coding that must be in place is:

When finished with an update, we ask that you send us all documented information in the body of your e-mail to us, and send the updated .htm file as an attachment to that e-mail. For those of you not on prehistoric equipment as we are, please be sure to save the file as .htm and not .html as all our internal links on our site are set as .htm files.

Also, just to let you know the reason why we need all this information, it's for our Link Exchange Project. Whenever we supply a link to a site, we want to (1) let them know about it, and (2) ask for their support by supplying us with a reciprocal link. It is through our Link Exchange Project that we will be able to bring the masses of music fans to our site in hopes of activating everyone into a political force that cannot be ignored.

That's all I can think of at this time. I'll be sure to send any new information as necessary, but I think this covers just about everything. Again, if you have any questions, please direct them to We anticipate putting together an HTML page that will serve as a FAQ for all our volunteers from the questions you may have, so definitely don't be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary for you to understand exactly what we need. Thanks again for the help. We could not keep this Linkbase current and complete without you.


Kenny Moore

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