If you are in a band with a web site on the internet, and you would like to see your site added to the Rock Out Censorship Music Linkbase, please e-mail to let us know. In your e-mail be sure to include the URL of your site, along with the contact name, address, ph/fax #'s, and e-mail address of your manager or person in charge to contact. We will be happy to add you to our growing list of bands with your own individual page. Included on this page will be a link to your official site as well links to all sites relevant to your band that you can find on the net.

All we ask in return is that you provide us with a prominent placement of one of our graphical images on your main page as a link that will designate you as a ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP supporting page. Click here for details on linking to us. We also ask that you handle any search work involved in finding additional sites on the net that you would want added that would be relevant to your band. Lastly, we simply ask for the courtesy of letting us know whenever your site is either moved to a different URL or removed altogether to assist us in keeping your page current.


1. Perform at and/or organize a benefit show. To volunteer your services as a band, click here to fill out the R.O.C. membership form as a band willing to perform for R.O.C.

2. When you print your concert merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc.), please consider choosing R.O.C.'s custom merchandise printing service to handle your printing jobs. We are confident you will find our printing rates to be quite reasonable, and hope that you will keep us in mind when deciding on a printer. When it's time to put out the money needed for merchandise, why not see to it that this money is spent with someone that supports your band's efforts and rights? You'll be getting a quality print job and helping to fund the fight for freedom at the same time. Click here for information on our custom printing services.

3. Consider advertising with THE ROC. You can take out a banner ad to be seen 1000 times on our pages for only $20. We don't think you can beat that for exposure of your band's banner ad graphic to music lovers across the globe through our site.

4. Help us build our mailing list by taking our subscription form to your shows to get your fans signed up for us.

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