NOTICE!!! At this time Rock Out Censorship is not accepting paid memberships. Funding problems have forced us to suspend publication of THE ROC MAGAZINE. We do plan on resuming publication of THE ROC and again accepting memberships at a later date, so we would like to ask anyone that would be interested in joining our organization at that point to go ahead and fill out the form below now so we will be able to contact you once we are able to resume publishing THE ROC MAGAZINE. Do not fill out any fields of the form that relate to credit card payment at this time. While we are not accepting paid memberships at this time, we do invite you to subscribe to our mailing list, free of charge, to receive periodic updates and news on the censorship issue.

Join the organization dedicated to crushing the hypocritical thought police who want to decide what is best for all of us. Help keep rock 'n' roll alive and well, and in the face of those who want us all to embrace their New World Order Conformity.


A 1-year membership for Rock Out Censorship is $15 and includes a 1-year subscription to THE ROC--The Voice of Rock Out Censorship. Or you can choose to join us as a trial member, to check us out and to see what ROC is all about. Trial memberships are available for $5 and will get you a 2-issue subscription to THE ROC as well as all the information you need to stay informed on this important issue.

Please do not click on either of the monetary R.O.C. membership checkboxes unless you are ordering your R.O.C. membership with a credit card. Details for joining with a standard check or money order are located at the bottom of this page.

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YES! I want to help protect my rights in this supposedly free country to watch, read, or listen to anything I damn well please. I am ordering a full year membership with ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP for $15 ($27 outside USA).

MAYBE! I support ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP's efforts, but want a chance to see what's up before committing to a full membership. I would like to order a trial membership with ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP for $5 ($9 outside USA). Please send me the next two issues of "THE ROC," a free anti-censorship bumper sticker, along with other anti-censorship information so I can see what we're up against in the fight to protect our First Amendment rights.

Rock Out Censorship also offers bands another way to become official members of the organization by utilizing their shows as R.O.C. fund-raisers or by participating in and/or organizing an R.O.C. benefit event.

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After submitting this form, you will be taken to another page that will show you what you sent. Please verify that this information is correct and hit your "Back" button to return to this form page. If you notice any mistakes made, then resend your message after making the necessary changes and be sure to put the words "CANCEL PREVIOUS MESSAGE" within the text box at the bottom of the form page before resending. If you have any problems submitting this form, please notify us at

If you know other off-line people that would be interested in joining or volunteering with Rock Out Censorship, please download this form to give to them. When finished, please be sure to mail it to Rock Out Censorship: P.O. Box 147 - Jewett, OH 43986. Feel free to copy and distribute this membership/volunteer page to as many potentially interested people as possible.

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