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You should receive a message confirming your subscription request and asking you for a confirmation letter to finalize the subscription process. This secondary confirmation is used as a security measure for your protection to prevent forged requests. On the secondary confirmation message, you will be asked to simply send a specific reply to the request address. Be sure you are sending it to Upon successfully completing the confirmation process, you will receive a welcome message to let you know you are on the list to receive announcements and press releases from Rock Out Censorship. Keep this mail as it will tell you how to be removed from the list in the event you change e-mail accounts or no longer wish to be on our list.

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Please note that this mailing list is a one-way tool for us to provide information and updates to you. Please do not attempt to post things to this list as is customary with some other internet mailing lists as this is not intended to be an interactive communications hub for censorship discussions by fans. The volume of mail such a list would produce would be staggering. We'd rather keep this as a one-way information resource than to risk losing thousands of people who would be scared away from the list by the excessive numbers of posts that would likely result.

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