If you would be interested in designating your site as a Rock Out Censorship supporting site, please utilize our graphics supplied below as graphical links to our site. To download a grapic to your system, position your cursor over the graphic and click on your right mouse button. Choose the "Save As..." option, choose the directory on your system you want the graphic to be saved to, and you're done.

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It is very important that you link directly to our homepage rather than to any of our many sub-pages, so when placing any of these graphics on your page, we strongly request that you use:
for the link. Please try to keep the space you allocate for any of our graphics as close as possible to the original sizes that they are as you download them. If you have to resize the graphics, please make sure to keep the proportions the same so the same look is kept.

After placing any of our graphics and linking to us on your page, let us know if you would like for us to add your URL in the appropriate section on any of our music, censorship, or miscellaneous link pages as a Rock Out Censorship supporting site. If you cannot give us a graphic link for any reason, that's OK, a text link will do just as well.

It is our realistic hope that this link exchange section of our website will serve to generate enough traffic to our site that we will have the ability to mobilize the entire internet music community into an imposing force on the political scene. It is only through such massive organization that we will be able to counter the rising tide of censorship in this country by overpowering our foes. We believe that the internet provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to do just that, but it will take massive numbers of people to accomplish the mission. We sincerely hope we can count on the support of everyone with a site (particularly those with music or arts related sites) to contribute to our efforts through this link exchange project.

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