Here is a listing of many of the pro-censorship forces we are currently battling. The majority of the challenges to free expression occurring in this country stem from the efforts of these organizations. We encourage you to get on their mailing lists, go to their websites (if available), and basically get as much information as you can about these groups so that you can be more fully informed of their activities. Knowing what they are up to keeps us all much more able to combat them in their efforts to strip away our First Amendment rights. But whatever you do, DON'T SEND THEM MONEY!!!

We realize that this list is not complete, so we ask that if you know of other organizations in your area that are enemies to free expression, let us know about them so we can add them to this list. Some of the entries on this list may no longer be current, so if you try to get in touch with any of these organizations and find our information to be incorrect or out of date, please let us know so we can correct our list.

Portions of the listings for national groups were updated via information from People for the American Way and the Massachusetts M.I.C. Thanks. :)

Nationally active groups California Colorado Washington, DC Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana
Kentucky Michigan Mississippi New York Ohio Oklahoma Tennessee Texas
Virginia Washington Canada Miscellaneous Kooks
and Whackos

Nationally active groups

Accuracy in Academia
Group that attempts to promote "conservative agenda" in schoolbooks. Very often attempts schoolbook censorship. Affiliated with Accuracy in Media (below). We do find ourselves in agreement with this organization on issues where they are attacking political correctness on campuses, but there is more going on to their efforts.

Accuracy in Media
Group that attempts to promote "conservative agenda" in the mass media. Often attacks "liberal" media. Organizations like this are responsible, in part, for U.S. media being some of the most conservative in the Western world.

American Center for Law and Justice
Law group that sets itself out to be "the ACLU of the Religious Right". Supports Religious Right groups in legal struggles, often to impose censorship or claim discrimination against fundamentalist Christians, when, in fact they are, more often than not, calling themselves victims when they are not allowed to impose their beliefs on others through unconstitutional government law or policy. Affiliated with the Christian Coalition acting as the legal arm of Pat Robertson's operations; please see entry under Virginia.

American Family Association
Virulent pro-censorship, pro-theocracy group. Please see full listing under Mississippi. Several state affiliates.

Christian Coalition
Pro-theocracy, pro-censorship group. See full listing under Virginia.

Empower America Please see full listing under DC.

Family Research Council
Please see full listing under DC.

Leadership Institute
Alternate URL
Training institute for "conservatives in politics". Possibly affiliated with Christian Coalition as they claim Ralph Reed as a "student". This is where they make many of the would-be censors.

Young Americans Foundation
Pro-censorship "get the left out of the schools" group.

Heritage Foundation
Please see full listing under DC.

Eagle Forum
Please see full listing under Illinois.

Focus on the Family
Please see full listing under Concerned Women For America Please see full entry under DC.

The EagleCross Alliance
Christian Reconstructionist/pro-theocracy group.

Right Now
"Right wing news". Basically, a site that claims to put a conservative spin on today's news. Most likely similar to the "700 Club", "Moral Side of the News", and similar "Christian News" media.

National Political Congress of Black Women, Inc.
Please see section under DC.

Council for National Policy
The Council for National Policy is, in essence, an invite-only, secretive group consisting of many persons in far right and (especially) religious-right groups. Yearly meetings are held in various places, where CNP members plot national strategies. Previous and/or known members include Col. Ollie North, Pat Robertson, Jesse Helms, Ralph Reed, and a veritable "who's who" of the Religious Right. An excellent study on this organization has been done by the Institute for First Amendment Studies

Bob Larson Ministries
Please see listing under Colorado.

Claremont Institute
Group that promotes the "Christian Nation" canard. Claims, among other things, that "attacks on the Boy Scouts" are part of a conspiracy against "right-minded individuals". Holds workshops with pastors on how to promote the agenda of the Religious Right.

Free Congress Foundation
Please see full listing under DC.

Home School Legal Defense Association
Supports the "home-school" movement, which is promoted heavily in fundamentalist Christian circles as an alternative to the "satanic" public-school system. Often participates in book-banning efforts.

National Center for Policy Analysis
Conservative "think tank" group that has helped pro-censorship groups in past.

National Right to Life Committee
"Pro-life" group with theocratic bent. Has supported other groups with theocratic intent, partly because most theocratic groups hold banning abortion as a policy plank. Has promoted active censorship of info regarding women's rights groups such as the National Organization for Women and groups that promote info on birth control, such as Planned Parenthood--ostensibly because both these groups have stated opposition to banning abortion, and in the case of the latter because they provide family planning information to teenagers. Has promoted unusual stories in past, including that aborted babies are supposedly used in facial creams (!).

Parents Television Council
Please see entry under California.

Rutherford Institute
Please see entry under Virginia.

Traditional Values Coalition
Please see entry under California.

The Constitution Party
If ever there was an unholy alliance, this party is it. Neo-fascist party heavily promoted by a number of folks on the Religious and Far Right, including militia groups, "Christian Identity" racist churches, and a veritable who's who of the far right. Operation Rescue's Randall Terry is a known member of this party, basically a party for folks that the Christian Coalition is too liberal for.


Back In Control Training Center
"Deprogramming" center--in actuality, brainwashing center for kids who do not follow the fundamentalist Christian "ideal". Known to use coercive tactics. Heavily promoted by Bob Larson and (formerly) the PMRC. Reportedly, will not allow certain clothes (Nike, etc.) nor peace symbols as these are thought to be "satanic". Promoted itself as a "help center" for kids caught up in "Satanic" cults, etc; often did not advertise its strong theocratic bent or "deprogramming" methods. We believe this group is now defunct.

Center for the Study of Popular Culture
David Horowitz
12400 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 304
Studio City, CA 91604
(916) 265-9306
Group advocating censorship of popular media. Claims popular media causes several ills of society.

Chalcedon Foundation
P.O. Box 158
Vallecito, CA 95251
(209) 736-4365
Just about as far-right as the far-right can get. This organization is the backbone of the Christian Reconstructionist theocracy movement. You will not find any attempt to mainstream their approach from this group as stoning people to death for disobeying God's laws is among their most espoused forms of punishments that they would like to make the law of the land. These folks are downright scary. Coalition on Revival also has ties to Chalcedon through R.J. Rushdoony, who considers democracy to be "heresy".

Jack Chick Comics
Box 662
Chino, CA 91708
(714) 987-0771
Fairly unusual fundamentalist company that produces comic-book tracts railing about the evils of modern society. At least two tracts knock popular music as "Satanic". Often used by pro-censorship churches. There is a considerable non-fundamentalist collector's market for Jack Chick tracts, as evidenced by the newsgroup alt.comics.jack-chick.

Citizens for Excellence in Education
Dr. Robert Simonds, President
P.O. Box 3200
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
(714) 546-5931
Pro-censorship group that claims, among other things, that producers of books for children in schools have an anti-Christian bias. Has pushed for banning of info on AIDS prevention, sex education, and books speaking of evolution as proven scientific fact. Has pushed for "creation science" (basically, a very fancy way fundies "scientifically" describe the Biblical creation in order to get around bans on religious indoctrination in schools) to be given equal time with evolution.

Citizens Leading Effective Action Now (CLEAN)
Mary Davis
Box 918
Modesto, CA 95353
Pro-censorship, anti-gay group. Has theocratic bents.

Coalition on Revival
Dr. Jay H. Grimstead, President
P.O. Box A
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 253-8852
fax: (408) 253-8825 Group promoting "Christian Nation" canard. Actively claims US is in need of "Christian Revival" and "return to Christian roots". Christian Reconstructionist group working towards establishment of fundamentalist theocracy. Has links to several other Religious Right groups, including several pro-censorship groups. Members have advocated the death penalty for homosexuals. You'll find the farthest right of the far right in this organization. Downright frightening and certainly a U.S. equivalent of The Taliban. Originally founded by R.J. Rushdoony who is known as the father of Christian Reconstruction.

Enough is Enough!
Donna Rice Hughes, President
708 Cloverly St.
Silver Spring, MD 20905-4100
-or- P.O. Box 30117
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(MD) (410) 879-0561
(CA) (714) 435-9056 Pro-censorship group leading drive to "clean up the airwaves". Has some theocratic bent. Has worked with mainstream pro-censorship groups. Is now pressuring online resources to censor material and newsgroups. Ironically led by the woman linked in 1988 with then Presidential candidate Gary Hart in what was speculatively an extra-marital affair onboard Hart's boat "Monkey Business" that was to be the downfall of Hart's political career and presidential ambitions. Now she's going to teach us all about what is or is not appropriate.

Parents Television Council
L. Brent Bozell,
707 Wilshire Boulevard #2075
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(CA) (213) 629-9255 The modern day equivalent of the PMRC, but active in all areas of popular culture entertainment. Led recent attacks on the wrestling industry and were thoroughly embarrassed in the well publicized "smack-down" laid on them by the courts and Vince McMahon's WWE. Their comical retraction for their stance that attempted to blame and scapegoat the WWE for the tragic death of a child remains available on their site at With such notably pro-censorship advisory board members such as Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS>, Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and C. DeLores Tucker onboard, this is a very dangerous organization that is seemingly fashioning themselves after the American Family Association in its targeting of sponsors of TV shows they wish to rid from society. While their claim is to "hold Hollywood responsible for providing family-friendly programming", the reality is they target advertisers in an attempt to get rid of any programming they do not like.
The Report
Ty and Jeannette Beeson, Executive Producers
42640 Tenth St. W.
Lancaster, CA 93534
(800) 462-4700

Traditional Values Coalition
100 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Suite 350
Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 520-0300 Pro-theocracy lobbying group that heavily promotes censorship of media. Has actively helped in many censorship attempts. Promotes the "Christian Nation" canard.

Trinity Broadcasting Network
Box A
Santa Ana, CA 92711
(714) 832-2950
Prayer Line: (714) 731-1000
Christian broadcasting network that has promoted censorship, or had programs promoting censorship, at times.


Bob Larson Ministry
Box 36A
Denver, CO 80236
Radio televangelist who is a major promoter of "record burning" campaigns and censorship. Has espoused the idea that rock music, and even most Christian contemporary music, is satanic (the latter because it sounds like secular music). Has heavily promoted "Christian deprogramming" centers like Back In Control Training Centers (see California) that actually brainwash people. Promotes idea that there is a deep-reaching Satanist conspiracy. Has stated in more humorous moments that the Nike symbol and the peace sign are Satanic symbols. Has been actively promoted in PMRC literature.

Focus on the Family
Dr. James C. Dobson, President
8655 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 531-5181
(800) 232-6459
Virulent pro-theocracy, pro-censorship group. Promotes censorship of a wide range of media and subjects including rock music, info on birth control and sex ed, and even feminist material.
Warning: Focus on the Family apparently promotes Cyber Patrol software and may have had a hand in the standards it uses (see National for more details), something to consider if considering blocking software for schools, etc.
Warning: Dr. Dobson has several books on the market, ostensibly sold as "tough-love" guides or even, in some cases, as an alternative to Dr. Spock's book on child-rearing. Dobson does not always reveal his theocratic links in the merchandising of these books.

Summit Ministry
P.O. Box 207
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-9103
Theocratic, anti-gay church. Heavily works on several Religious Right initiatives, including censorship of media.

Washington, D.C.

Concerned Women for America
Beverly LaHaye, President
370 L'Enfant Promenade
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 488-7000 Virulent pro-theocracy, anti-women's-rights, pro-censorship organization. Has actively called for censorship of adult magazines and music censorship. Along with the American Family Association and several other groups, did not approve of the Communications Decency act because "it doesn't go far enough".

American Freedom Coalition
Dr. Robert Grant
800 K Street NW
Suite 830
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 371-0303
Has extensive links to Religious Right groups that support censorship. Yet another "traditional values" organization. The Washington Post once indicated that this is a lobbying arm for Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church

Empower America
William Bennett, Co-Director
1776 I Street - Suite 890
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 452-8200
fax: (202) 833-0388
"Conservative think tank" that has in past actively promoted Religious Right causes, including strong advocacy for popular culture censorship. Very active on the school voucher issue to funnel government money to religious schools. Bill Bennett is a very prominent participant on cable news segments calling for censorship of the entertainment industry.

Family Research Council
Gary L. Bauer, President
700 13th St. NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 393-2100
Actively promotes theocratic causes, including censorship. Has called for shows to be censored in past because they did not "show an appropriate image of family".

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The FCC has been arbitrary in past on censorship decisions, including watershed hours for television and radio programming. Recent rules deregulating number of stations that may be owned and required target audience has made it literally impossible for any company other than a multimillion-dollar broadcasting corporation to own FM stations. However, in a long overdue breakthrough, the FCC has recently opened up the airwaves to accomodate LPFM stations. The new LPFM service will consist of two classes of LPFM radio stations with maximum power levels of 10 watts and 100 watts. The 10 watt stations would reach an area with a radius of between one and two miles, the 100 watt stations would reach an area with a radius of approximately three and a half miles. 100-watt stations will be authorized first.

Free Congress Foundation
Paul Weyrich, President
717 Second St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 546-3000
Group fighting to effectively destroy judicial and executive "checks and balances" against bad laws, especially unconstitutional ones. (The Religious Right has stepped up attacks on judges, as many pro-censorship and pro-theocracy laws have been ruled flatly unconstitutional.) Their goal is to make laws for censorship and other pro-Religious Right laws unstoppable. FCF's legal director Thomas Jipping is a major force among the music censorship crowd, authoring extensive amounts of material and often testifying before Congress in an attempt to tie violence to music to justify the censorship he seeks. Paul Weyrich is commonly refered to as the Father of the Religious Right, founding the Heritage Foundation and drafting Jerry Falwell to head the Moral Majority. This is a group that is very active in trying to tip the scales of the judicial branch of our government to a decidedly conservative, religious based point of view. When judges dare to see things differently from the FCF, they are deemed to be "judicial activists" and a danger to our nation. Weyrich also is on the Executive Committe of the Council for National Policy.

The Heritage Foundation
Edwin Feulner, President
214 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002-4958
(202) 546-4400
Actively promotes theocratic causes, including Christian Reconstructionism (the canard that America was meant to be a "Christian Nation"). Leading conservative think tank partially responsible for much of the legislation proposed by the far right. Creators of which is the most prominent "gathering place" on the internet for a who's who of the Religious Right and would be censors.

National Political Congress of Black Women, Inc.
Executive Director: C. Delores Tucker
8401 Colesville Road
Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(877) 274-1198
Fax: (301) 562-8303
Fairly new, highly active pro-censorship group in the style of the PMRC and similar "censor to save our kids" groups. This group claims censorship of most mass media is necessary to "save the black male". Has called for outright bans on gangsta rap, some rock artists (they are among a number of pro-censorship groups attacking Marilyn Manson) and most films and TV shows depicting violence. Group has lobbied Washington in past and NPCBW and the PMRC have worked together recently. C. Delores Tucker teamed with arch-conservative Bill Bennett in leading the attack on Time-Warner demanding they drop Interscope Records from their holdings due to the nature of material by Interscope artists like Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre and Nine Inch Nails.

Senator Jesse Helms
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3207
(919) 856-4630
Now retired United States senator who may very well be described as one of the Religious Right's favorite persons in Congress. Has consistently supported Religious Right agendas, including US removing itself from the United Nations, "Christian Nation" declarations, and pro-censorship legislation. Is a member of the secretive Coalition for National Policy (see National listings for more info on CNP). While he has now finally retired from his political position, he still merits a lifetime (dis)achievement award with a listing on this page for all the grief he has given to freedom loving citizens.
Senator Joseph Lieberman
Washington D.C.
706 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-4041
Once quoted as proudly carrying on Tipper Gore's legacy in the censorship game, this leading Democratic Senator has sought to do more damage to the First Amendment rights of those in the entertainment industry than any other in the last 20 years. His "accomplishments" include chairing the hearings that led to the adoption of the video game ratings system (modeled after Al and Tipper's anti-music crusade in the 1980's), co-authoring of V-Chip legislation that enabled government to become further involved in the television censorship game, adding the cost of implementing the technology into all televisions in this country (meaning anti-censorship viewers had to pay more for their TV's just because some people wanted this control and Lieberman acted on their behalf). He is also at the forefront of campaigns to link violence to the entertainment industry and to criminalize sales of material to minors and even marketing of material in places where children vaguely "may be present". He smugly sits on the board of the Parents Television Council, an organization listed below that is the most active pro-censorship organization today, ready to use his authoritarian position to dictate his brand of morality to everyone in this country. He is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the current Democratic Party.


I Believe In Life
Box 34077
Pensacola, FL 32507
(904) 479-7684
"Pro-life" theocratic group that has called for censorship of sex ed info and for other censorship in schools.

Jack Thompson
P.O. Box 73
Coral Gables, FL 33114
(305) 666-4366
Prosecuting attorney in the infamous 2 Live Crew case. He's still extremely active in seeking to censor the entertainment industry through court action. He recently lost a highly publicized case in the State of Kentucky where he tried to sue the entertainment industry in an attempt to scapegoat them as being partially to blame for a school shooting incident. This guy is dangerous because he still gets a lot of invitations to appear on major network news segments to further his twisted logic that eliminates the concept of personal responsibility for one's actions. "We intend to hurt Hollywood. We intend to hurt the video game industry. We intend to hurt (Internet) porn sites," Thompson once told the Associated Press.
Christopher Ruddy, Editor-in-Chief
P.O. Box 20989 West Palm Beach, Florida, 33416
(561) 686-1165 Fax: (561) 686-3350 The internet news resource for the far, far right.


Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism (CASE)
Box 450349
Atlanta, GA 30345
(404) 633-2444
Pro-theocracy group. Has called for censorship in past. Has attempted prosyletisation of students, ostensibly as "support talks". Founder Jay Sekulow merged this organization under the Christian Coalition umbrella to create the American Center for Law and Justice.


Eagle Forum
Phyllis Schlafly, President
Box 618
Alton, IL 62002
Virulent anti-woman, pro-censorship group. Has actively lobbied for censorship of television and music. Has strong theocratic bent and supports establishment of Christian fundamentalist theocracy in the US.

National Coalition on Television Violence
Thomas Radecki
P.O. Box 2157
Champaign, IL 61825
(217) 384-1920 (disconnected)
Has called for all violent programming to be banned. Actively campaigned for, and unfortunately got, both television ratings and the so-called "V-chip". Uses what many consider ludicrous criteria for violent episodes (to NCTV, a Warner Brothers cartoon is as violent as, say, ten minutes of "Tales From The Crypt"--they do not differentiate between cartoon violence and RL violence).


Frontline Ministry
5316 W. Woodyard Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 876-6877
(812) 876-2611
Theocratic pro-censorship church. Promotes idea that rock music is "satanic".


American Family Association of Kentucky
1404 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Executive Director: Frank Simon
(502) 893-2444
The AFA's branch in Kentucky. It and Freedom's Heritage Forum (below) are essentially twin organizations. More info on the AFA itself under Mississippi; more info in general under the FHF listing.

Evangel Christian Life Center
5400 Minors Lane
Louisville, KY 40219
Pastor: Bob Rodgers
(502) 964-3304
Prayerline: (502) 962-9650
Virulent fundamentalist church. Has promoted theocratic government in sermons, along with the idea that society in general is controlled by a Satanic conspiracy. Has sold book-burning and record-burning guides. Has held record-burnings. Has practiced "bait and switch prosyletisation" in both tickets for "rock history" (which turned out to be railings against rock music depicting rock stars in hell) and a haunted house (which was not promoted as an attempt at prosyletisation and was a depiction of sinners in hell, after which persons were prosyletised to). Actively promotes Christian Coalition and Freedom's Heritage Forum (see below) voter guides; in fact, FHF leader Frank Simon is deacon at Evangel. Has had leaders of the Religious Right speak at church in past. Is owner of at least one religious broadcaster network and a television and radio station in Louisville. Has promoted idea that the President of the United States committed murder as part of a Satanic conspiracy. Virulently anti-gay; has promoted idea of forced outings of gay members of the church and harassment of gays and even those fighting for gay rights. Some sermons have held up Randal Terry as national hero. Is actively promoting, or outright behind in some fashion, most Religious Right initiatives in Kentucky. Supposedly one of four largest Assemblies of God churches in the US.

Freedom's Heritage Forum
1404 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Executive Director: Frank Simon
(502) 895-7700
Extremely virulent pro-theocracy group, in essence a twin organization of the AFA branch in Kentucky. Has actively promoted censorship, especially of music and especially in schools. Anti- birth control, anti-sex-ed. Very possibly one of the most virulent anti-gay groups outside of outright nightclub bombers; has actually published libel sheets and distributed them implying that all gay men are pedophiles and members of NAMBLA. He has actively promoted harassment of gay people and anyone who promotes equal treatment of gay/les/bi people, including protests outside the houses of people speaking for sexual orientation to be included in anti-discrimination ordinances. Has condemned the Kentucky Supreme Court for declaring Kentucky's sodomy actunconstitutional. Has actively promoted "Christian Nation" canard. Promotes and publishes its own partisan, Christian Coalition-esque voter's guides (that are, if it can be believed, worse than the CC's). Leader, a local allergist, is also a deacon of Evangel Tabernacle (see above).


Catharine MacKinnon
University of Michigan School of Law
625 South State St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1215
(313) 747-3595
Along with Dworkin, two of the most infamous of the "feminist censors". Has promoted the idea that adult material amounts to rape. MacKinnon- Dworkin material resulted in passage of laws in Canada that criminalize even the *possession* of gay/les/bi materials in some cases.


American Family Association
Dr. Donald Wildmon, President
P.O. Drawer 2440
Tupelo, MS 38803
(601) 844-5036
Virulent pro-censorship, pro-theocracy group. Described in Dave Marsh's Fifty Ways to Fight Censorship as the "most dangerous pro-censorship group in the country". Has led attacks on everything from television programs (NYPD Blue and Married With Children) to music (spearheading a national campaign against Marilyn Manson) to movies (boycotting Disney because they claim the word "sex" appeared in clouds in the movie The Lion King as well as Disney's support for gay couples). Leader Donald Wildmon has stated support for Christian theocracy in the United States.
Please note that the Freedom's Heritage Forum based in Kentucky is affiliated with the AFA.

New York

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
William A. Donohue, Executive Director
1011 First Ave.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 371-3191
Claims media have anti-Christian bias and that censorship would protect their "civil rights".

Morality in Media
Robert Peters, President
475 Riverside Dr. - Suite 239
New York, NY 10025
(212) 870-3222
Group that claims media is immoral and biased against Christians. Attempts to pressure the media to portray fundamentalist Christianity and its agenda positively. Has actively promoted music censorship and is now very active in trying to assist in an increase in obscenity prosecutions through their secondary website listed above. In this material, they wrongly contend that all pornography meets the very narrow Miller obscenity litmus test and encourage a crackdown on internet pornography that is Constitutionally protected material. Also very active in promoting enforcement of FCC television/radio indecency standards that we feel need to be abolished in what's supposed to be a free country.


Citizens For Community Values
11175 Reading Road, Suite 103
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
(513) 733-5775
Fax: (513) 733-5794
Virulent anti-homosexual, anti-adult entertainment, pro-censorship organization. Officially affiliated with Focus On The Family. They are very active in putting adult entertainment businesses in the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area out of business. They also target outdoor advertising agencies that put up billboards for companies the CCV wishes to eliminate. Another campaign detailed on the CCV website is an effort to get the FCC to eliminate potentially offensive material from the airwaves. They are especially active in their opposition to homosexual rights legislation. Additionally, they are now the parent organization of another group called Family Friendly Libraries (, whose mission is to establish filtering software on all public library computers and the elimination of any potentially offensive material from library bookshelves.

Community Alliance for Responsible Youth (CART)
Box 681
Grove City, OH 43123
Promotes censorship of music.


Oklahomans for Children and Families
5900 Mosteller Drive, Suite 900
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 843-4449
(888) 300-0384
Fax: (405) 843-3876
Pro-censorship group with decided theocratic bent. One of several groups promoting banning Marilyn Manson. Has expanded censorship campaignonline; is now harassing ISPs to drop objectionable newsgroups, and has succeeded in the case of Erols Internet. "Other groups" section of web site reads like a veritable who's who of pro-censorship groups on the Religious Right.


Abusive Lyrics Awareness in Rock Music
3418 Village Grove Place West #17
Memphis, TN 38115
Claims lyrics in modern popular music are harmful and calls for censorship of music in order to "protect our kids". One of a number of groups styled after the PMRC.

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Box 8977
Chattanooga, TN 37411
5900 Hundred Building
Chattanooga, TN 37421-3736
(423) 892-7722
Pro-theocracy church that actively promotes music censorship. John Ankerberg has produced many shows that have aired on Christian broadcasting stations that strongly attack rock and roll music as the work of the devil.

Community Awareness of Music and Entertainment Coalition
60 Morningside Park
Memphis, TN 38104
Another group that uses the "protecting our kids" canard to promote music (and TV and movie) censorship. One of a number of "mainstream" pro-censorship groups not definitively linked to either the Religious Right or the radical Left.

World Missions
Box 13156
Knoxville, TN 37920
Pro-theocratic missionary group. Has actively advocated censorship of media.


Abundant Life Christian Center
Dr. Walter Hallam
PO Box 1515 (or 601 Delany Rd)
LaMarque, TX 77568
(409) 935-1606
Fax: (409) 935-8689
Another large pro-theocracy church. Actively promotes music censorship, along with the rest of the Religious Right agenda.

Community Families in Action
3737 Broadway #285
San Antonio, TX 78209
Theocratic group that has promoted, among other things, music censorship.

Operation Save America
Rev. Flip Benham, National Director
P.O. Box 740066
Dallas, TX 75374
(972) 240-9370
Fax: (972) 240-9789
Formerly Operation Rescue. Very controversial "pro-life" group that makes itself out to be a group promoting peaceful civil disobedience against abortion. Many protests aren't peaceful. Operation Rescue has called for censorship of music, and of all info regarding abortion or birth control. Leaders are known to be Christian Reconstructionists and at least one, Randall Terry, is a known member of the neo-fascist US. Taxpayer's Party (see National section). Operation Rescue has a decidedly theocratic bent that has gotten stronger over the years.


American Cause
Pat Buchanan, Founder
6862 Elm St.
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 827-9200
Christian Reconstructionist, pro-theocracy group headed by arch-conservative political pundit and Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan who is one of the leaders of the wrong side of America's so-called "Culture War". We do find agreement with Buchanan's positions against the multinational corporate globalization process and with his opposition to the Patriot Act and similar legislative attempts, but we staunchly oppose pretty much everything else this man stands for. He's very outspoken and active in opposition to various aspects of popular culture.

Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons
Box 5513
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 273-9065
Group promoting censorship of RPGs (Pole-Playing Games). Promotes canard that playing RPGs causes demonic possession and RPGs are satanic. Presently harassing White Wolf Games in an effort to make the company stop selling it's popular World of Darkness series, especially Vampire: the Masquerade, claiming the games cause people to commit murder (after an incident where several disturbed youths in a V:tM LARP {Live Action RolePlay} committed a murder).

Christian Action Network
Martin Mawyer, President
P.O. Box 606
Forest, VA 24551
(804) 385-5156
Pro-theocracy group that encourages censorship efforts, among other agendas of the Religious Right. Actively lobbies to defund the National Endowment for the Arts. Virulently homophobic.

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) 977 Centerville Turnpike
Virginia Beach, VA 23463
(804) 579-9000
The show "The 700 Club" itself has promoted music, television, book, and RPG censorship, as well as the claims that there is a Satanist conspiracy to take over the world, that the US government is controlled by Satanists, Christian reconstructionist canards, calls for theocracy, and claims that the US President committed murder as part of a Satanist conspiracy.

Christian Coalition
180 L Shearwater Dr.
Cheseapeake, VA 23320
(804) 424-2630
(804) 424-7777 (700 Club)
(804) 420-0700 (Prayer Line)
The largest pro-theocracy group in the nation headed by former Presidential candidate Pat Robertson. Has effectively hijacked the Republican Party in the US; it outright controls the party in no less than 34 states, and has considerable influence in most others. Has pressured the United States to reverse many of the progressive policies enacted in recent decades. Promotes pro-censorship legislation in Federal, State and local governments. Is largely responsible for the US having shifted radically right in the last 10 years to the point Richard Nixon and even Ronald Reagan would likely be considered too liberal for their agenda. Actively trains people to run, including using "stealth candidates" (i.e. they don't let on their links to the Religious Right), via a daughter group and through seminars. Has stated publicly that its goal is to ultimately form a fundamentalist Christian theocracy in the US, and is heavily Christian Reconstructionist. Has promoted numerous censorship attempts, including having pro-censorship people run for school board elections when a censorship initiative fails and having a daughter group working to gut the system of checks and balances protecting us against unconstitutional laws. Has at least six known daughter groups, probably more. Promotes biased "voter's guides" that are often distributed in churches; the Department of Justice is presently investigating the Christian Coalition and may well revoke its tax exempt status as a direct result of the voter's guides possibly violating laws against partisan campaigning.

Freedom Alliance
Oliver L. North, President
45472 Holiday Dr.
Sterling, VA 20166-9457
(703) 709-6620
Far-right group, promoting theocratic causes. Prominent among numerous Religious Right gatherings. Founded by Oliver North, who was discharged after a scandal involving weapons being illegally diverted to "contra" rebels in Nicaragua; the Religious Right was supporting the contras and still does to some extent. Group is something of a "bridge" between Religious Right groups and far-right "patriot militia" groups in promoting a decidedly right wing conservative agenda in the name of both God and the military.

Liberty Alliance
Rev. Jerry Falwell
P.O. Box 190
Forest, VA 24551
RR 7 #172
Forest, VA 24551
(804) 534-8502
No, the Moral Majority didn't really go away. Theocratic group that promotes "Christian Nation" canard, promotes theocratic government, promotes censorship initiatives. Is the original source of the claim now given by some Religious Right groups (and some militias) that the President of the United States had Vincent Foster murdered as part of a Satanist conspiracy.

Media Research Center
L. Brent Bozell III, Chairman
113 South West St.
Second Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 683-9733
Group claiming popular music is harmful and calling for censorship. Also calls for censorship of other mass media. This organization also goes to great lengths to document what they perceive as liberal bias in the media. Their efforts amount to describing any reporting that doesn't wholly toe the line of the Religious Right agenda in every way as being proof of a liberal media bias. L. Brent Bozell is also the head of the Parents Television Council which is probably the most prominent entertainment censorship advocacy group in the country right now.

Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC)
Barbara Wyatt, Executive Director
1500 Arlington Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 748-3130
One of the oldest, and the most infamous, pro-censorship groups. Founded originally by Tipper Gore and Susan Baker. Promotes the idea that modern popular music is harmful to people and seeks to ban it. Largely responsible for the "Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics" stickers (known far and wide as "Tipper Stickers"); has promoted laws in states making it a felony to sell stickered albums to people under 18. Barbara Wyatt has (unfortunately) revitalized the organization. In past, has worked with or promoted some theocratic groups and "deprogramming"/brainwashing centers such as Back In Control Training Centers (see California).

Rutherford Institute
John Whitehead, Esq., President
P.O. Box 7482
Charlottesville, VA 22906
(804) 978-3888
Rather scary "Christian reconstructionist" group. Gives active support to theocratic groups, including those who support censorship. Attempts to portray themselves as a pro-freedom organization when in fact they are working against it in many cases, deliberately attempting to blur the line of separation of church and state. The mode of operation here is to portray those that wish to impose their religious beliefs on others unconstitutionally as victims of oppression when they are not allowed to do so. We would be wrongly biased if we didn't point out that they do get it right in *some* of the cases they choose to take on that are detailed on their website, so we do not oppose their legitimate efforts in the area of defending freedom for religiously oriented speech. Their opposition to many zero tolerance policies and Fourth Amendment violations is to be commended, but the bulk of their work is in the promotion of a more theocratic society which merits them placement on this enemies list. They played a pivotal role in the politically motivated and utterly ridiculous attempt at the impeachment of President Clinton, so they are an organization with serious influence on our national political scene. We're no fans of the current leadership within the Democratic Party (i.e.--Clinton, Gore, Lieberman, etc), but really feel the nation was done a major disservice by the Religious Right's role in trying to get rid of Clinton as they did for the reasons they did.


Citizens for a Better Spokane
Pam Wunderlich
Box 4654
Spokane, WA 99228
Pro-censorship group that has attempted to ban artists, including Marilyn Manson. Has in past supported anti-gay initiatives.
Citizens For Community Values
Kimberly Drake
Box 4654
Spokane, WA 99228
(509) 921-2748
Pro-censorship group that focuses on anti-pornography and anti-adult entertainment efforts.


Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation (formerly Canadians for Decency)
Dolina Smith
Parkway Postal Outley, P.O. Box 62569
85 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough, ON
M1R 5G8
Tel: (416) 412-6065
Fax: (416) 412-1321
Canadian pro-censorship, anti-pornography group.

Miscellaneous Kooks and Whackos

This section is an addition to our Know Your Enemies section for sites that seem to be too small in their efforts to be placed alongside the other organizations listed above, but were just far enough out on the lunatic fringe that we felt the need to include listings to them so others could share in their "wonderful" resources exposing exactly how far the people behind these movements will go in their desire to purge anything and everything that offends them from society. Enjoy! We're sure there will be many more to be added to this section very soon.

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