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R.O.C. calls for a national boycott of the evil Wal-Mart empire. - Click here to see R.O.C.'s stance toward the retail giant's restrictory practices towards the music we love.

Links to other boycott and anti-corporate sites on the net that we support:

  • Allstate Insurance -- The "Bad Hands"
  • Announcing Sweatshops: For Environment, Justice, Labor, Worker, Animal, Human Rights
  • Boycott Daimler-Chrysler
  • Boycott Nike Home Page
  • Boycott Shell/Free Nigeria Campaign
  • British Petroleum / Amoco / ARCO (BP Amoco)
  • Campaign ExxonMobil
  • Chase Manhattan Bank Sucks
  • clean clothes campaign, nike
  • Columbia/HCA--Wall Street Health Care
  • Coors, the right beer now
  • Dupont Sucks
  • Free Burma # Oil Boycott
  • GapSucks.org
  • Home Depot Sucks
  • Jon Rappoport's 'The Great Boycott: Dow, Du Pont, Monsanto'
  • Just Do It! Boycott Nike!
  • Monsanto Corporation Sucks
  • NikeWatch
  • Say No To Monopolies - Boycott Microsoft
  • Sprawl-Busters!
  • Sweatshop Watch

    Note that this section is FAR from complete, but we haven't had the chance to get more companies added simply because we're absolutely buried in the avalanche of work our site is producing. We would like to ask our readers to send us suggestions for additional companies that we need to add to our Boycotts list. When you submit your suggestions, please also let us know if you'd be willing/able to prepare material similar to our Wal-Mart piece linked above for describing the situation to our readers as that would be very helpful to us in getting this section more thorough in the future.

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