9. Why and when is music censored?

Why music is censored is the same reason why any expression is censored. Some people wish to impose controls on society to demand conformity of thought and opinion to coincide with their own belief system. Those that advocate censorship are mostly very weak individuals with a weak foundation for their own beliefs as the mere existence of conflicting information is seen as a challenge to their beliefs. If their beliefs were strong, no amount of conflicting information would be even a remote challenge to those beliefs.

In the case of music, it is censored most often by those that easily take offense to things on religious grounds. As stated above, if they had strong beliefs, no music, no matter how contrary to their beliefs, would pose a threat to those beliefs. But since they are often weak minded individuals, they feel the need to systematically silence that which challenges their beliefs. Not all attacks on music come from a religious perspective (just more often than not), sometimes it comes from other areas, but always starts when somebody becomes offended when the music goes against what they believe in on any level.

As for when music is censored, the answer to that is whenever weak minded individuals get offended and government acts on their behalf to criminalize and punish the expression of those that offend them. The strong minded person allows the challenge to their beliefs and refutes the stated opinion with facts of his/her own. The weak minded person tries to silence that which offends him/her. Government should not act on behalf of these weak minded individuals, especially in a manner that they are prohibited from doing by our Constitution.

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