23. I thought all this PMRC stuff was over a long time ago, why are you still talking about it?

The PMRC is still active, but in a far less public manner and with Barbara Wyatt in charge. However, given that they got what they wanted with the record labeling system, and that now the music industry is finding itself having to fight off a rash of legislative attacks at the state level, we do not take any great comfort in the fact that they aren't as public as they were in the 1980's.

In late 1995, the Senior Writer for THE WASHINGTON CITY PAPER allowed THE ROC to reprint his look into the new and meaner Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). Click here to read that article. This probably gives the best insight into why we still consider them a threat. Also, we don't think that it is any coincidence that during the Clinton/Gore administration, hearings have been held to mirror the 1985 rock hearings whereby more "voluntary" ratings systems have been established as industry standards for both television shows and for video games. The government has bullied these industries into submission just as they did the music industry in the 1980's. Not surpringly the push for legislation based on these ratings systems continues at the state level today. Click here for details on the most recent bill sponsored in the Gore's home state of Tennessee.

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