15. Why is ROC so hostile to religion, particularly Christians?

While we admittedly have a large number of religious organizations on our Know Your Enemies page, ROC is not hostile to religion. In fact, we have the Interfaith Alliance site listed among the groups on our Know Your Friends page. Whenever we get hate mail from Christian fundamentalists, we always steer them to the Interfaith Alliance page in hopes they will learn a thing or two about true Christianity, rather than continuing to worship the fascists masquerading as religious leaders in today's political climate.

The fact of the matter is that we are hostile to groups that seek to eliminate our First Amendment rights, and it just so happens to be that most of these groups that are attacking the music we are supporting happen to call themselves religious groups. Though it is our belief from our knowledge of the Christian religion, that attempts at governmental censorship by religious groups to eliminate material that offends them are misguided efforts that are not only not in accordance with the stated beliefs of the religion, but also in fact counter-productive to the stated goals of the religion. So in that regard, we don't even view a lot of these organizations as religious groups, but instead view them as political organizations using the religion as their fund raising and organizing tool of choice, capitalizing on the gullibility of many people of faith to take their words at face value when they claim to be "doing the Lord's work", often to the detriment of true religious organizations that do not support their oppressive political agenda.

For more information on the religious groups we are fighting in the battle for free speech, please visit the Religious Right Exposed subsection of our News Links Archive.

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